Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Blessings come in many shapes sizes and forms, and last week they came in the form of CORN! 
We got the call that the corn was ripe and ready to go! So Daddy, Ruth, Elizabeth, Susanna, and I headed out to the field bright and early to pick, pick, pick!!! While Mommy and the younger ones got everything ready at home for the big day ahead! We had a different pickup than we did last year and thought that the bed was smaller. *ahem* Which if it was smaller we either packed the corn better than last year or it was the same size as the other truck! 

We had the back of the truck loaded from top to bottom, front to back! This picture was taken after we had a bunch of the husking already done. Thankfully we had a bunch of help!!!

The corny crew included Daddy, Mommy, Ruth, Elizabeth, Susanna, Alaythia, Nathanael, Abi, Kori, a good friend Arnie, and I. Charissa, Joanna, and Asher helped a bit, too, but tended to enjoy the dolls and toys inside a little more!


Daddy and I

The number of people went up and down due to several other things going on that day, yet there were a few people who stuck with it to the end! We husked corn for 6 hours and finally finished!!! Then on to the next step!

Piles of corn were all over the place!

Nathanael blanching.

Mommy, Susanna and Arnie did most of the blanching and cooling process...


And on to cutting!!!

Pick up cob, cut cob, scrape cob, dump cob, and repeat the process over and over and over...



Reinforcements came in the form of brothers who joined us at our place after work! They're wonderful! Matthias and Stephen weren't able to be there since they were hard at work themselves on a job in Missouri.

A few hours later... you get this "I'm NEVER going to eat another piece of corn again!" feeling, but it usually goes away really fast at the next meal! :D

We started our corny day at 6AM and were all cleaned up by 1AM.

The GRAND TOTAL for the day is....... 230 quarts of corn!!! All happily in several different freezers for several different households. And us happily in bed!

Except that's not quite the end...We put up 8 rows of corn that day... And Arnie planted 12 rows... So we headed out the next day to do another 4 rows and 136 quarts of corn!!!

I'm SO grateful for corn, friends, family, freezers, water, and summer! How about you?!

"When you have eaten and are full. 
then you shall bless the Lord your God 
for the good land which He has given you." 
Deuteronomy 8 : 10

- Pictures by Kori


Arnie said...

Yes! And it was incredible fun working with your family!

maureen said...

You are so blessed to have the corn. With this extreme drought in Kansas, so many of our farmers do not have a crop this year. God is good!

May we have more rain next year!

Jessie said...

Goodnight!!! I didn't think that much corn grew in the U.S!!!! LOL.. wow... I'm hiring you guys to do mine next year :)

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

Do we hire out?!? Lol! What special memories! A bit corny ... but fun nonetheless!! ;)

Sharon Guenot said...

That's a lot of corn. We'll be happy if we get a dozen ears off our little patch. We've done big batches in previous years but nothing like yours! Usually our big crop is green beans.

Rea said...

WWWWOWWWWWW!!!!!!{Yes, my computer told me (No Spelling Suggestions)}.
We only have a family of 8 and aren't the most corny people, if that explains our amazement :)

Anonymous said...

Hannah can't look mean when she trys