Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Countdown

If you were to pop into our house sometime the last few weeks (or the next few weeks to come) you would probably see a bunch of wedding details spread all over the house! Thankfully the 'to-do list' is getting shorter and shorter as the days fly by. Less than 2 weeks till the special day arrives and we are SO excited! Dan and Bethany arrive in Nebraska this week and we are so looking forward to meeting Arianna for the first time.

Alaythia cut out around 90 circles for some DARLING pew decorations

Add a few more touches and sorry, you will have to wait for a picture of the final project. Don't worry though, they ARE darling and the picture WILL come!

But we will bless the Lord 
From this time forth and forevermore. 
Praise the Lord!
Psalms 115:18

- by Hannah    


TheBeadtriss (aka Krista) said...

Thanks for the update!! I am looking forward to seeing those decorations!
Blessings, ~Krista

Anonymous said...

Where's the long promised, never posted "love story" or have you decided not to put it on!!???

Emily said...

It was fun to see an update! :) Hope everything keeps coming together good, enjoy this time! :)

Bethany K. said...

Praying for y'all and that the Lord would be magnified by the union of these two servants of His.

Naomi T. said...

The countdown is always the most exhausting but best part... because all of those ideas you've had for a wedding are finally coming to life. :) Enjoy this time. :hugs: God bless you all!

Lily Marie said...

So excited for more pictures! =)
By the way, Rachel, I never got around to personally saying THANK YOU to you for all you did to help at niche. Some of the kids in my group stayed later & you had left. Anyway, I am so blessed to have known you and you are continually an encouragement to me...especially in the way that you've waited for God's best in your life. I am so happy for you as you get married and wanted to thank you again for your encouragement, friendship, and example! I cannot stress just how thankful I am for you in my life. God bless you and your man. ;)
In Christ,

His Way Services said...

Yay! Can't wait to see more! Praying for you. Are you going to post the love story on the blog? I hope you're able to! God bless! Rebecca K.

Godly-young-widow said...

Hannah posted this? Good for you! Looking forward to more posts from others in the family as Rachel moves on. Happy wedding planning and God bless.

Shaylyn said...

Ooo how exciting! I can feel the anticipation building from here! Happy wedding planning everyone! :)

Annie said...

Thanks for the update, Hannah! I'm praying for you all as you finish last minute details this week, and Rachel, I'm super excited for you! Only 10 more days to go... =)


Anonymous said...

Will you PLEASE post your love story? Once she gets married it will never get posted!