Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random News

Yes, its been awhile. Our family has been enjoying a very full and active home life the past month. What a joy it is to share life, ministry, joys, and challenges together! The theme of "work-hard, play-hard" has certainly been a theme of our days. Here's a quick glimpse of what we've been up to:

Long, sunny, irrigation days! With Matthias and Stephen moving up to 'foreman' positions this year, they have been doing an awesome job at keeping the five of us girls busy and motivated - and running circles around us at the same time! We've enjoyed the challenge of working to get the installation process completed ahead of schedule! For a more detailed post about what this work entails, visit here.

We're also gearing up for another big Kid's Conference which will be held April 27-28th. Our theme this year is "SHALOM!", focusing on the early church era. Matthias, Stephen, and Alaythia are all in the drama and have been diligently practicing their roles. I've also enjoyed working on staff again this year, helping to edit the drama, curriculum, and writing the schedules and music. We're excited about the message for this year. Stay tuned for more pictures!

The unexpected has happened. My ever-faithful, always-used computer had a fatal hard drive crash last month. Ouch!! Yes, that means we lost almost everything - our family pictures from the past 2 years, email addresses, ministry files, and so forth. I'm still trying to explore the options and find someone who is skilled on Mac hard drive recovery. But for now, we're trying to piece together the small shards of information we were able to salvage! If you've contacted us sometime in the past year or so regarding a singing/ministry opportunity, please get in touch with us as we'd be sorry to loose touch with you!

And finally -- yes, wedding planning is well under way, too. It's been a joy to look through our engagement photos and plan our print materials. I just proofed the wedding invitations and started addressing the envelopes. Such delightful fun! Planning reception details, music, clothing, food...and almost having to pinch myself to realize that all this planning is for OUR wedding! I'm still and forever in awe of the Lord's goodness!

Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens;
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds."
Ps 36:5


goatpod2 said...

Thanks for the update, sorry about your computer though!


Kate Grant said...

Rachel makes a barbie-doll like Bride!!!!!

Sarah said...

So good to hear how your family is doing - I'm sure it is very busy these days at your home. Rachel, it is exciting to hear how your wedding plans are progressing. Your hair is beautiful - is it lighter now?

His Way Services said...

Oh! That's terrible about the hard drive. Hope you don't have too much trouble without it.

I like the picture of you and Alan. I really like your dress. Praying for you. Can't wait to hear the story and see wedding prep. pics!

God bless! Rebecca K.

Graham Donahue said...

Thanks for the update.

When is your family going back on to tour? I am hoping your family come to central VA sometime soon.

Hope everything keeps going well. I have been keping you in my prayers.


Kay said...

Oliva Audio-Visual Repair in your local town is THE Mac expert. I've had him repair my computers in the past and purchased "new to me" from him too. They are in the book.

Bergen Family said...

Good to hear from you again. :-)

That would be sad to loose all of your photos etc - will be praying you get your hard drive restored!

Blessings! ~Kara

Shaylyn said...

Thanks for the update! It sounds like ya'll have been really busy lately. It's such a blessing & privilege to be able to work together as a family & so much fun! Sorry about your computer though, I had a similar experience like that too recently.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Marissa said...

I adore your dress, Rachel!! And you look so radiant, too. :) Did you make the dress? (If you bought it, I want to know where! :P)

Emily B. said...

Oh...that's too bad about your computer! Hopefully you can restore almost everything! :S
I love the picture of you and Alan!
Can't wait for wedding pics! :)

Heritage of Grace said...


I just LOVE your blue print dress! Please tell us where you got it from, or did you make it yourself?!?

Looking forward to hear from you!

Rachel Wissmann said...

Heritage of Grace --

Yes, I did make my blue dress. We were on tour when we decided to take our engagement pictures in Florida while Alan was visiting. I was praying about how to find or make a dress while we were traveling as I didn't have my sewing machine along. Thankfully, a friend in SC lent me hers for the day and I was able to make it in a churchs' Sunday school room! Fun memories!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your computer crash. May I suggest investing in a external hard drive to store important information and photos. If the computer crashes you won't lose those files. If there is an emergency in which you have to evacuate it is easier to grab and take with you. Hope you can recover your lost files.


Caleb Beasley said...

I had the hard drive crash on my iMac and took it to Digital Dot ( in Omaha and they were able to get everything off of it and install a new drive. Can't say we've got the same problem but it might be worth a shot.