Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Happy 15th Birthday Susanna!

Personal highlights from the past year:
  • Having an adorable nephew
  • Work in the irrigation fields last spring
  • Getting and taking care of our chickens
  • Being able to stay home last summer and have a large garden
  • Getting to tease Alan (Rachel's fiance)
  • Going to the Husker's red-white game
  • Enjoying time with family and friends
"And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD; It shall rejoice in His salvation."
Psalm 35:9


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna!!! :)

God bless,

Bloombunchboys said...

Happy birthday Susanna!!!Hope you have a great day.

Many wishes from
the Bloom boys

Lindsey Marie said...

Happy Birthday Susanna! I hope you have a wonderful day. Our birthdays are close. :) 1997 was a great year. :)

Anna B. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Susie!!!
What a fun picture, it captures the fun, spunky, energetic Susanna, that I miss!
Love you, girl!

Sonya Joy said...

Happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna. Hope you are having a super wonderful day. Wish we could be there to help you celebrate. We sure are thinking of you. Blessings!
Love you BIGGER!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Susanna!!!!!!

Desiree said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna!

Anonymous said...

God bless your year to come!
Keep Smiling, :)
Elizabeth Lindsay

Schumachers said...

Happy Birthday Susanna! I hope you had a great day! Miss you, Mindy

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Susanna! Blessings as you begin another season of your life!! Keep shining brightly for Christ. [smile]

With Joy in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Susanna! You are a beautiful young woman. May you have many more happy birthdays. Love, Uncle J and Aunt D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! That is a great picture.

Clan of 7 said...

Happy Birthday Susanna! Hope you had a wonderful, fun filled day! May the Lord bless the year to come!
-The Hammond Family

(We enjoyed hearing and meeting your family while you guys were in Aiken!)

Becca said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna!

Shaylyn said...

Happy birthday Susanna!