Saturday, February 04, 2012

Days on the Road

It's been a full week in the south. With opportunities to minister together -- and also plenty of time to keep up with the regular hum of school, bus work, and practice.

Speaking of practice -- yes, we've been spending allot of time on that recently. And I (Rachel) have been sitting back and enjoying the progress of the younger ones. Yes, its true. They are working on new music without me. The changing of seasons calls for a changing of roles, so instead of spending my time at the microphone, I now simply encourage them onward! Its exciting to hear the new music and message the Lord is bringing out of this transition!

Of course, some chores are never done. And laundry on the road is one of them. Hurray for laundromats which make quick work of the mountains of clothes!

And, of course, fresh air and sunshine is the perfect afternoon refreshment! We're always eager to find places to exercise and work-out during our times on the road.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel
From everlasting to everlasting!
And let all the people say, "Amen!"
Praise the LORD!

Psalm 1-6:48


Annie said...

Rachel, I do hope you will start a new blog once you're married... I want to keep up with your news as well as your family's. =)

If you don't mind sharing, who will be playing keyboard when you're gone? I know the girls can play violin (and Hannah's voice is similar to yours), but what about the piano? I have so enjoyed hearing it on the CD and will definitely miss it in the future.

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all are having fun down south. Rachel, isn't it hard on you that you will quit singing with your family? God blessed you with a wonderful voice and talent with the piano and violin!!!

Becca said...

Sounds like a good trip.
I can't wait to hear your family's new music, but I am going to miss you, Rachel...I'm very excited for you thought:)
Thanks for keeping us updated!
You and your family are a blessing to me!


Hartman Family said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!

Lily Marie said...

So excited for the upcoming wedding, Rachel! Thanks so much for the update! ;) I enjoyed the pictures, as always. God bless you all!

Graham Donahue said...

It looks like everything is going well. I am interested in seeing what your family does to adjust their music. You all have been a blessing to me, and your song writing has been an inspiration as well.

By the way, what song are you all playing in the picture on the slideshow (the one in the top right corner of this blog) with two guitars? I was just curious as to what song it might be.

Thank you for you all's ministry. Keep up the good work!


Emily said...

I agree with Annie... I'd love to see you start up a blog possibly!!! And sigh:::: short sleeves....Wowie! We have single digits here!

Luke Holloway said...

We so enjoyed the music Saturday night. Your family has been such a blessing to ours. We love the new songs. We are so encouraged by your playing! You motivate us to pick up our instruments and play!


The Holloways

Anonymous said...

Can't believe its FEBRUARY!!!