Friday, March 04, 2011


We're here in beautiful Orlando, Florida in the midst of a myriad of last minute wedding preparations. Its been such a special week thus far as we've enjoyed time with Kori, family, and friends. But while there's been plenty of visiting, laughing, and storytelling, our hands have also been quite busy. Here's just a preview of some of the projects we've been working on:

Cutting ribbon

Assembling programs

Making a white satin vest for the ring bearer.

Shopping at Sams for lots of cream cheese...

...and gathering spring-form pans.

For the rehearsal dinner, we're serving 7 different kinds of cheesecake.

Can anyone say, "Mmmmmm"!!?!

We're thrilled to have our friend, Anna, here helping with the preparations.

And as the preparations continue, the anticipation is building: Grandpa and Grandma Hager are here. Last night Andrew arrived. We leave to pick up Dan and Bethany from the airport soon and Josiah, Abi, and Joanna are enroute.

We're looking forward to a very special weekend ahead! Thank you all for your prayers. We look forward to sharing pictures and reports soon.

May the Lord be glorified!


Emily Skogen said...
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Jenna said...

How exciting! I am so happy for Andrew and Kori, and pray that the Lord will richly bless their marriage!

Many Blessings,

P.S. You are right near where we live! :)

Desiree said...

I will be praying that all goes well tomorrow!

*Trini* said...

AUGH, You're in Florida? I want to meet you guys...:::DDDDDD

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

Well, it looks like y'all are having a great time! *smile*
God Bless you all!

Kimberley from Canada said...

Mmmmmmmmm!!! I with I could be at that wedding for all the wonderful smiles of the Wissmann's also and also for the delicious looking cheesecakes that you are making.:)

Lily said...

Oh, Rachel,
I am so excited that Kori & Andrew's big day is tomorrow!! I will be praying that all goes well and and that there won't be too much stress getting all the necessities ready. It looks like you are quite busy! God bless you all!
The cheesecake looks delicious...


P.S. Elizabeth, I absolutely ♥ your braid!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the big day tomorrow. Show us some pics afterward.

I wish I could taste the cheesecake! I looks so good in the picture.

Mikala said...

Exciting!!! Can't wait to see pics!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! Can't WAIT to see LOTS of pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings! Pray everything goes well and the Lord is Glorified!

Sarah G.

ELizabeth said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! *smile*

Linda said...

Oh what fun. Praying all goes well for the wedding day. Cheesecake sounds yummy.

Anonymous said...

Everything must get busier and more exciting as the wedding day approaches! :)

I will be praying for you tomorrow!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

May the Lord bless you, Andrew and Kori, as you prepare! I'm so excited to hear about the wedding! =) mouth is watering--that cheesecake looks absolutely delicious! Blessings!

With Joy in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Just left Florida yesterday!



Erin said...

I hope everything goes well today!! Congratulations to Andrew and Kori <3

Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures!

Kimberly from Canada said...

That soon already? By the way when is the wedding? I can't remember ever seeing the date? Just wondering. :)

Anonymous said...

The wedding is today, March 5th.

Emily Skogen said...

The wedding is today (Saturday) and is at 4 o'clock and the reception is at 5 o'clock....God Bless you richly,Mr.and Mrs. Andrew Wissmann!!!! Makes him sound old dosen't it!!!??

Becca said...

The cheese cake looks great.
Can't wait to see wedding pictures!


Ashley said...

YAY for them!!

Cheesecake is such a good idea, it is beyond good. Cheesecake is, anyway.

Kristi said...

Oh man! Can i be in the wedding? I want some of that cheesecake. haha

Looks like hard work and fun!