Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News and Notes

New! Now read our latest family ministry newsletter online HERE!

Also, in other news, we've had such good response to our recent CD sale that we're extending the deadline 48 hours till Friday night. If this would be a blessing to you -- or someone you know -- please place your order soon!

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

Eph 2:10


Ruth Ann said...

oh I would order some! only thing is: I have them all. ;) and LOVE every single one! If I think of someone who might would enjoy it for a gift, I might place an order. Glad it's going well!

Daisy said...

I Placed my order tonight. this is the first time i have ever bought any of your cds. i can't wait till they arrive!

In Christ,

~Desiree~ said...

I enjoyed reading the newsletter! I also looked at your 2011 schedule and was thrilled to see you are coming to my church! I looking forward to seeing you all!

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you all in Washington,MO.
We don't live there, but it's closer for us than Branson. Praying the Lord will work it out! If we do, we really hope to buy some cds!!!!!!!!!!

God bless! Rebecca k.

Annie said...

Hello Rachel and family,
We received our CD order, and I LOVE the new one!!! I've heard most of the songs before :), but they are all so wonderful! Thank you SO much...I'm actually listening to it right now as I type. =)
Many many blessings to you! God bless.
Prayers and hugs,

goatpod2 said...

If I had the money I would buy some!

God bless,


Becca said...

We love your new CD too!
I like the new header on your blog.


Anonymous said...

I love the new header! It's cute!
~God Bless!~

Alison said...

Could you please help me out a liitle and tell me the names(and ages if you like!) of everyone in your family pictured on the blog header (which is cute!)from left to right?
Thanks! I like this blog!

Annie said...

The names and ages from left to right are as follows...

Rachel (28)
Nathanael (9)
Susanna (13)
Matthias (19)
Alaythia (11)
Ruth (27)
Hannah (15)
Gloria (Mrs.)
Loren (Mr.)
Andrew (22)
Stephen (17)
Charissa (4)
Elizabeth (21)

Not pictured: Josiah (25) and Bethany (24), both married.

There you go! =)

P.S. Rachel; thought it would help you out if I answered her question...hope you don't mind.
And I hope I got all those ages right! =) No, they were not from memory. I had to search around a bit. ;)
Oh yes, I love your new header! Great family photo! I also love the photos on the CD.

Sarah said...

I like the new blog header!!

So colorful and pretty!!


Alison said...

@ Annie:thanks for the names and ages!What a lovely family they are!!

The Marshall Artists said...

O! The new look is so nice!

amy said...

Rachel! The new blog look is beautiful! Very, very nice! And the family picture is so neat!


lindaeileen said...

Hello! Just wondering when I will be receiving the CD? I noticed that others have theirs... Just asking! *smile*

Rachel Wissmann said...

Linda --

We mailed a massive amount of orders just today, so you should be receiving your order very soon! Thanks for asking! *smile*

lindaeileen said...

Thank you, Rachel, for the quick response! It's great to know that the CD is on the way... I am looking forward to hearing your music, as I have so enjoyed reading your blog. Your family seems to dear, sweet, and godly... would love to meet you all one day if you come to Long Island to sing!