Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Life

Hey! This is Hannah again, I think I have pictures of about every thing I said I would last time -- which if you remember was "throwing the football, swimming, singing, practicing, doing school, cleaning house, doing dishes, hanging out with friends, having fun, riding roller coasters, doing the show, singing at restaurants and anything else I could capture with the camera." Well I got pictures of most of the stuff we've done:

::Learning Phonics! ::

:: Getting ready to sing at Hotels and Restaurants ::

:: Practice Time! ::

:: Swimming with friends ::

:: Throwing the football ::

:: It's time to play in the leaves! ::


:: Now it's time to rake the leaves back into one big pile ::

:: Back to MATH!!! ::

:: Ready to go sing! ::

:: Dishes ::

:: Game time ::

:: Susanna and I ::

:: Down at the lake ::

:: Smile ::

Thank you all for your prayers! In addition to these pictures and activities, we continue to marvel at the Lord's goodness each day as we share in Branson. We continue to see daily answers to prayer. People drawn to the theater. Good health. Heartfelt conversations. And finding joy in serving the Lord together! We're so grateful!

"For we are His workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."
Eph 2:10


Jenna said...

We're so glad that you're doing well! Your family is in our thoughts and prayers, daily:)


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Such fun to see all of the pictures and hear about your recent happenings! It is such a blessing to be able to see what your recent happenings are through your blog. Keep shining brightly for Jesus!

Joyfully in Jesus,

P.S. Loved the photo of you and lovely!

Miss Linda said...

Your family and ministry are in my prayers. It was fun to read about, and see pictures of, your activities recently.

May God be glorified through your ministry!

Lydia said...

So wonderful! I always love to hear how the Lord has been working through your family!

P.S. I love to pictures

Charity U said...

I love the pictures! Looks like you're having a great time.

Rachel said...

I love the leaves.
Have a lot of fun!


Hannah said...

I just discovered ya'! I have only been listening to your music and reading about you guys for a few minutes yet i am already BLOWN AWAY by the joy of the Lord that each of you radiate! It is so evident! Thank you for shining the light of Christ and glorifying Him with you talents!

God bless each of you! :)

Mikell said...

I can't believe you posted pictures of everything you said you would! My poor blog readers would be thrilled if I were that faithful!:) Great photography!

Annie said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures, Hannah! Looks like you're having a wonderful time. =)
Love in Christ,

Bethany Joy said...

Thanks Hannah for the post! I really enjoy when you post! Charissa looks so happy in the picture of her playing in the leaves:)

Have a wonderful day, Hannah!

Kim said...

I read your blog from time to time and as a 50-something-year-old mom to nine (ages 9-26) and homeschooling as well, I can so relate. I love that we can do our schoolwork in and around activities, church, etc and one doesn't necessarily have to be at a desk... Lots of my friends, who do not home educate, don't quite get it.... It's fun being a bit older and having a young one too I think! Who needs an empty nest?