Friday, October 22, 2010


Happy 11th Birthday Alaythia!

A ffectionate

L ively

A ctive

Y outhful

T rusting

H elpful

I maginative

A dventurous

"Make Your face shine upon Your servant, And teach me Your statutes."
Psalm 119:135


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Alaythia! God bless your year!

Anonymous said...

Have a blessed birthday! Your picture is adorable... :)

Laurence Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Alaythia! Have a wonderful time in Branson and a year of blessings ahead of you. Love, Uncle J and Aunt D

Hannah grace said...

Happy Birthday Alayhia!!

becca said...

Happy Birthday, Alaythia!
This is such a beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a super special day and get to ride the rollarcoasters. Stay safe. Very nice picture of a beautiful brown eyed girl.
Love you BIGGER!!

Bethany Joy said...

Hello Alaythia,

That is such a sweet picture of you! Happy 11th Birthday! I hope you have a great year, Alaythia! You look so much like your sister Bethany!


Rachel said...

Have a beautiful Birthday Alaythia!!!


Lily said...

Happy 11th, Alaythia! Hope this new year is full of blessings and new discoveries...and all the other years to come!

You're so pretty, you look so much like Bethany!
Love in Christ,

Lydia said...

Happy birthday, Alythia! God bless you and your heart for Him!

~Desiree~ said...

Happy 11th Birthday Alaythia! Hope you have a blessed year!

Annie said...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl! What a lovely portrait - the first thing I thought when I saw it was, "oh, she looks so pretty and mature!" =)
May the Lord bless your special day with smiles and happiness! =)

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Happy Birthday, Alaythia! Keep shining brightly for the Lord! Have a wonderful day & year! And the portrait is so pretty of you! You are such a lovely young lady!


Andrea Nicole said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALAYTHIA!! that picture is so cute! i hope you all have a wonderful day!

David Kent said...

A Happy Birthday to you young lady!

My Mom shares a birthday with you by the way so we both ate birthday cake today. That is if your family eats cake, or do you celebrate with alligator steaks?

I have a challenge for you... Make carrot/raisin salad while you are doing do cartwheels, handsprings, and round-offs while singing. Hmmm, I wonder if one can sing and do gymnastics at the same time?

David Kent

David said...

"doing do", I wonder how that "do" got in there? I hope your writing lessons are going better than I write (or see).


Anna B. said...

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Alaythia!!!
I hope you enjoyed your time at SDC!!

I love you're random hugs! And your smile makes me want to do the same:) Love ya, girl! <3 <3

Laney (Bluegrass Festival MN) said...

You are such a doll, Alaythia! Gorgoues picture! I agree with Annie - you look so grown-up and mature! :) :) Happy HAPPY birthday, girl! =D I'm really glad I met you!
Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday,Alaythia!I hope you have a great birthday!

Schumachers said...

Happy Birthday Alaythia! Hope you had a great day. Love. Mindy

Arnie said...

A belated Happy Birthday to my "Roy Rogers" girl! I pray you had a wonderful celebration with your beloved family.
(An interesting side note, you have the same birthday as Victoria Engelhard. That's cool.)
God bless you, Sweetie!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday 'little Bethany' :D


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Alaythia!!!!

Kate Grant said...

Happy birthday, Alaythia I guess I never realized that your top had croquet work on the back.... but it still looks nice.