Thursday, September 30, 2010

Harper's Ferry

"Let the rivers clap their hands;
Let the hills be joyful together before the LORD,"
Psalm 98:8

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the historic -- and totally charming -- old-time village of Harper's Ferry. The site of many significant events in our nation's history, it was also refreshing opportunity to get out of the bus and do some hiking and exploring!

Of course, our favorite part of the outing was the fact that we had oodles of time spent with our beloved Mr. & Mrs. Dan Beasley. We've officially decided that we love traveling to Virginia! *smile*

"Hello blog world!"


Joanna said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Schumachers said...

It looks like you guys had loads of fun. I'm glad you got to spend time with Bethany and Dan. Hope you have a good trip. Love Mindy

Charity U said...

Love the pictures!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

What fun photos! Looks like you had a blast with Bethany and Dan!


P.S. Looking forward to your skirt sewing series posts!

Arnie said...

Harper's Ferry! I am officially jealous!!
Now if you'll excuse me, I must go and repent.

Elizabeth said...

I like the family pictures! :-)

Which part of China did you go to?
I am asking because right now my dad and I are in Hong Kong and we just left Shangai. It is an amzing country. Thanks!

1 Peter 1:4

Annie said...

Such fun photos!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with Bethany and Dan. =)
P.S. I too am looking forward to your skirt sewing series! =)