Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Tomorrow morning we rise early and head to a very familiar place -- the recording studio! We're very excited about this new project and the songs the Lord has brought together for it. We've had many requests for more creative arrangements of beloved hymns. So this project will have several of our favorites, in addition to some original songs and others.

We're also excited that Andrew is joining us again for this project. He traveled and sang with us last weekend in preparation. It'll be great having him back in the studio with us!

Please keep us in prayer! To be honest, there have been so MANY things to keep up with lately, that we're going to need an extra measure of grace for this project. Thank you [in advance] for holding us before the throne! May HE be glorified!

"Praise the LORD! For it is good to sing praises to our God;
For it is pleasant, and
praise is beautiful."
Psalm 147:1

Picture courtesy of Stephen Malley


Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Looking forward to this new cd! Praying the Lord is with you and fills you with grace.

Happy recording!

David K. said...

Two O'Clock in the morning! (from your previous post).

You're busier than bird dogs! Just don't push yourselves to the point of exhaustion.

I'll be praying.


Jenna said...

Just as Tanya said, my whole family and I are REALLY looking forward to your new cd and we are praying that the LORD will bless you and your project abundantly:)

Your family and music ministry is an enormous blessing to us - keep shining for the Lord~

Be Blessed!!

Annie said...

I am very much looking forward to your new CD!!! How exciting! I have memorized nearly all of your songs, melody and harmony! :) We listen to them constantly. One question, are you going to include "Stand for Truth" on your new CD? I dearly, dearly hope so! I've heard you all sing it twice (at the BL conference and Clear Lake concert) and I would love to have it on CD.
I look forward to more updates about the recording process, and I will be praying that the Lord would give you rest and strength to accomplish what you need to.
Prayers and blessings,

Ruth Ann said...

exciting! can't wait for it...I'm always up for new Wissmann music. I have my little sister in my room with me and we're listening to 'Bright Lights' right now. :) so beautiful! can't wait to hear the new songs, and yes, I LOVE your family's arrangements of hymns = *especially* 'Lily of the Valley.' When I heard you back in February as you were singing a phrase just stuck between my eyes: "a wall of fire about me I've nothing now to fear." So powerful, true and wonderful!

God bless you all! Will be praying!

Anonymous said...

When is your new album due out to arrive?