Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Sad Habit

We have a sad habit. And regret it every time it surfaces.

The habit?!

Whenever we get to spend a few, precious days with Dan and Bethany, we have such a delightful time together that we each forget to capture the moments with our camera! Each of us are so busy soaking in the moments while our Nikons sit neatly in their cases. *sigh*

And now that the days are past, I dearly wish I had pictures to share with you!

Last weekend we spent sharing at the INCH Conference -- Michigan Homeschool Conference. Since Dan works for HSLDA, he and Bethany were able to represent his company during the weekend. We had three whole days together -- such bliss!

It was a very spiritually encouraging weekend, too. Dad shared a session entitled, "Equipping the Next Generation for Ministry" and it was exciting to hear the feedback and questions during that session. Families truly seeking to be a light in their communities!

But since we failed to capture pictures of the weekend, here are the happy moments that I'd certainly post if I could:

[Seeing my pretty brown-eyed sister and running into a bear-hug]

[The comical view of trying to fit our bus into a parking lane only intended for 'normal-sized' vehicles]

[Dan & Bethany running the HSLDA booth dressed to coordinate in their stunning, professional-wear]

[Wearing our new, colorful singing outfits]

[Huge grins on everyones faces as we spent an evening swimming with Dan & Bethany]

[Worshiping the Lord together with over 2,000 homeschoolers]

Okay, so the list could continue, but hopefully this gives you a little glimpse into our weekend!

And yes, we certainly WILL be working to correct our bad habit. Next time we'll hope to have pictures of our wonderful time together -- to treasure and to share!

"Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy,fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind."
Philippians 2:1-2


Jenna said...

How fun that you all got to see Dan and Bethany - what a treat!
I certainly look forward to your new good habit of pictures:)!

Our family is so excited that you're here in MI...and especially that you will be close to our humble home this coming Sunday! We look forward to meeting your family in just a few days!!

Love in Christ,

Ruth Ann said...

oh Rachel, I know the feeling. and then I wish I had pictures. Sometimes my camera sits there, even if I *did* make sure to bring it along, and then later I wish I had pictures.

It's a good habit to fix!

Anonymous said...

How about every time you get to see them, pray hard and ask God not to let you forget?

Charity Nee said...

I definitely am looking forward to your new picture habit... :)
Have safe travel!

Elizabeth. said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful time with Dan and Bethany! May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Plattner Ranch said...

After Christmas and realizing I only had one picture with my mom in it and that from a distance, I determined to make a list of pictures I want to capture on our gatherings and reference it to make sure we capture at least a few of those precious memories!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Oh dear! Me and my family just attened our first MHEA Spring Conference!! It was wonderful, and yes, we didn't get very many pictures taken at all! At least not of the people that we were having so much fellowship and fun with!
I know exactly how it is! You only have so many days with them, and you don't want to waste time carrying around a camera and snapping instead of talking and fellowshipping!
Now though... we don't have a single picture of any of the folks we met!! Sad!!

Loved the post!

Sarah G.

Annie said...

RACHEL!!! I saw on your schedule that you are coming to Iowa this summer! Thank you so much -- I am SO excited, and praying SO hard that we will be able to see you again! I'll let you know what we decide. =)
Anyways, about your post, you are completely forgiven. ;) I am actually quite encouraged by how often you do take and share photos - I love them, and I'm so glad you do, too! But I still want to see your new singing outfits! (Hopefully in person...)
Love and prayers,

Unknown said...

Very disappointed in you. tsk tsk.

Marissa said...

We were so blessed by seeing your family playing and singing together last weekend. Your constant joy and bright smiles are such an encouragement! :)

Mikala H. said...

I'll be looking forward to pics next time ya'll visit them :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh that sounds SO nice!:D It is too bad that you didn't get any photos! MI isn't that far from us... we should have come up to see you all! And, of course, homeschool conventions are great too! :D

~An Indiana Aquaintance