Friday, April 23, 2010

NCHEA 2010

Although it's been two weeks since the NCHEA Kid's Conference, we're still marveling at the wonderful things the Lord did that weekend. So I hope you'll humor me in one more 'picture post'...with a few specific testimonies of the Lord's goodness!

We had another record group of children this year -- 320.

Our specific prayer was that the Lord would prepare each of our hearts for the lessons HE wanted us to learn during the conference. We really saw this prayer answered in the children's eagerness and thoughtful responses to the lessons.

[Leading songs with 'Yankee Doodle']

This was the first year our 'team' has tackled the momentous task of creating our own curriculum. As we saw the Lord work in mighty ways through the "Let Freedom Sing!" Musical, we desired to expand the Biblical principles and concepts into the Kid's Conference format.

It was exciting to see how the Lord gave specific inspiration for every aspect of the weekend -- from the 8-part drama, to teacher's curriculum, songs, verses, activities, and games. With a core group of 5-7 people working on the project, we sensed a clear unity throughout the whole project.

This year was also the first year we had an entire 'small group' teaching session devoted to sharing the gospel message. Although in past years we've always included it in some aspect of the weekend, it was a much greater focus this year. There were several children who had good one-on-one conversations with their teachers regarding this, and we continue to pray for the seeds that were planted!

Another answer to prayer this year was the music. I'd been working on writing new music for several weeks, but somehow was not able to come up with any new, fresh material except our theme song. With the final week progressing, I messaged several friends from church to join me in prayer...and two days before the conference, the Lord gave me two fun kid's songs that fit perfectly with the theme and the message we were hoping to portray!

Each of us were involved in such a variety of different roles during the's a small glimpse:

During an activity on Saturday, Elizabeth was chosen for the 'stylish relay'!
Glamorous, don't you agree?!! [smile]

This was Hannah's first year as team staff. This little girl became her inseparable shadow during weekend!

As a team leader, Elizabeth accepts an award for her team.

Ruth was also a team leader. Its such a joy to interact with these children and watch them soak in the Biblical lessons!

Of course, Matthias and Stephen always come through with some great comic antics for the drama and this year was no exception!

Andrew gained some buddies over the weekend!

And the drama was incredible this year. A HUGE "applause" to each of the actors and actresses who gave of themselves in such an incredible way!

Thank you for all your prayers!

To GOD be the glory,
Great things HE has done!


Charity said...

Ooooh - I get to be the first to comment! :-)
That is very cool... where are the NCHEA conferences? I would love to go to one and see you guys do your stuff ;-).
Soli Deo Gloria,
1 Chronicles 16:23-36

Addie said...

Charity, NCHEA stands for Nebraska Christian Home Educator's Association... so in short it was our home school conference which is held in Lincoln, NE.

Rachel, it is so much fun to see everybody's pictures, so I don't mind at all! :)

Anonymous said...

There's never too many pictures... So... thank you! Looks like so much fun!

Charity U said...

How cool to see all those pictures! Thanks for posting them! I was at adult conference this year...but I might be there next time!

Lesley said...

An amazing weekend! The Lord worked in mighty ways! It was so exciting to see all the answers to prayer! Already looking forward to next year! :D

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful time, Rachel! Thank you for sharing all of the photos and notes from your special time!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

I love your dress Rachael! Where did you find the fabric?

~Sarah H.

Rachel Wissmann said...

Sarah H. --

Actually, I found the fabric at our local Walmart! I added the stars to the skirt. Fun!

Anonymous said...

What did Ruth and Andrew go to school for?

Annie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos...looks like everyone had a great time! =)

Mikala said...

Looks like fun! I love old-fashioned drama! :-)