Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Liberty Bell

At the risk of back-tracking, I've just uploaded oodles of pictures from the past two weeks. With the NCHEA weekend, most of our energies were focused in that direction...and now we're moving on, but with lots of pictures and special memories! I'll try to get more posted soon!

For now, here's just one of our pre-NCHEA projects: An life-size version of the Liberty Bell. For those of you who have always wanted to make your own version of the famous bell, here's a quick 'how-to'!

Cut white fabric into 4 inch strips.
[Another huge answer to prayer! When we're working on educational projects like this, we always call hotels and ask if they'd be willing to donate old bedsheets. Plenty of fabric...for free! Paper mach'e is most often done with newspapers, but this is all we had to work with!]

Soak the strips of fabric in 50/50 glue and water.

Build a frame with cardboard circles and chicken-wire.

Get ready, get set....


Cover the framework with the glue-soaked fabric.

This is by far the largest paper-mach'e project we've ever tackled. Lots of experimenting!

Repeat the process four times

Its always good to enlist help!

Close to completion!

Paint in gold/brown tones and it's done! The kids at the Conference loved this and had fun taking pictures in front of the historic landmark.

And there you have it! The making of the Liberty Bell. [smile]


Ruth Ann said...

that is so neat Rachel! although now I have a question...what do you plan to do with your Liberty Bell now? Are you going to store it for future use or do you have plans for it?

y'all are always so creative! I love seeing your projects. :)

Anna B. said...

I am still awed by that amazing piece of art! It was so much cooler in real life too! Oh, and Elizabeth's braids are DARLING!!! I love them:) <3

Jenna said...

How fun - I'm always inspired by all of your creativity:)

It looks great and sounds like everything was a success!

Kenna said...

Wow! That's impressive! It looks really good!

Annie said...

How very fun and creative! (Ruth, your hair looks *lovely*!)
I'm looking forward to lots more pictures, Rachel! =)

Sarah said...

Wow that's cool! And a lot of work I bet!

Sarah G.

Charity said...


Lily said...

The finished product looks awesome! How creative! :)

Blessings and hugs,

Eden said...

That's really creative! It looks like the real thing. :-) Blessings!

Addie said...

You all are very imaginative and creative!!! I love seeing all the ideas you come up with! Looking forward to more pictures!

Nancy said...

It is interesting to see how that was created.

Rachel said...

Wow! You all are so astounds me! God is so good to give you all the ideas and know-how and materials at just the right time!