Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Moments

The softness of her skin, the tiny perfection that reminds us that we're indeed "fearfully and wonderfully made." How can you describe the awe of holding a precious baby niece/grandbaby for the first time?!

Its been over a week since we met Joanna -- but as you may have noticed, last week had some delightful surprises for Elizabeth and I. A whirlwind visit to Dan and Bethany's for a week has significantly slowed my blogging. But it was totally worth it. I know -- that's a topic for another blog post!

Back to meeting Joanna... I wish we had a picture of the eager anticipation as we crammed for space in our picture window to watch Josiah and Abi's car pull into our driveway. And of their radiant faces as they were instantly smothered with hugs.

But we do have a few pictures of those precious moments as we met the little girl we'd already fallen in love with!

"She's so tiny!"

We studied each feature and gave our opinions on whether she looks more like her daddy or mommy. We decided she's the perfect mixture of both. Amazing, isn't it?!

Very obligingly, she woke up and showed us her pretty blue eyes.

The Happy Grandparents

"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well."
Psalm 139:14


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Sounds like you had such a delightful time visiting precious little Joanna Praise!
Enjoyed seeing all of the photos!
And such an encouraging verse!
Joyfully in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

She is soooo sweet!!!!

Ruth Ann said...

awww, I love these pictures! So precious, what a wonderful, wonderful miracle from God. =)

I see a few of the children were missed, but I doubt that they were 'missed' with the opportunity to hold her! It would be really cute to see a picture of Charissa with Joanna. =)

Indeed, children are a heritage from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward!

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment, Ruth Ann. Yes, we'd all love to have a picture of Charissa with Joanna.

Unfortunately, she's been battling a very nasty cough the past two weeks. For Joanna's sake, Charissa has only been able to see her from a distance. We'd appreciate prayers for Charissa's recovery and wisdom in helping her!

Charity said...

Ahh - she is precious. A miracle from Him alone... It would be really cute to see a pic of Charissa w/ Joanna too! ;)
Glad you're enjoying her, and LOVED the pictures [hint, hint].
Soli Deo Gloria,
(She has BEAUTIFUL eyes - and I love the picture of her with her grandparents =D).

Charity said...

Oh, and now I see Rachel's comment about Charissa - sorry she's sick! I will pray that she gets better and that no one else gets sick!

Ruth Ann said...

Rachel, thanks for letting me know about Charissa! I'm so sorry she is sick, and will definitely add her to my prayer list. hope she gets well totally and quickly!

Love & Blessings,
Ruth Ann

handmadebydesi said...

AWWW so precious!

Lisa said...


David Kent said...


P.S. Prayers for Charissa to get well soon; then she can meet Joanna up close.


goatpod2 said...

Enjoyed the pictures.


Melodie said...

So Precious! I know the feeling. My niece is almost 8 months already. They are so incredibly precious!



Daniel said...

Indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made! Praise God for his wisdom!

Congratulations to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. :)

Daniel Bryson

Lulu said...

It must be so wonderful! What an adorable little angel! Congratulations on seeing your niece/grand daughter!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Such a precious baby! I'm so glad that you finally got to meet her! :D

~An Indiana Aquaintance:)

Jenna said...

The pictures were just beautiful!!

Enjoy that sweet niece/grandbaby:)

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Johanna is beautiful! Thank-you for sharing those sweet pictures.:)
God Bless,

Kenna said...

She's so gorgeous!!!!!
You all look very proud (specially the Grandparents) :)
Thanks for the pictures.
I think my favorite one is of Matthais! It's so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

She's so cute! Thanks for the pictures.

Okay, so this has nothing to do with the baby.....but I noticed how all of you guys have such clear skin! (which is totally unfair) :) so I was wondering....what do you use? Like what do you wash your faces with etc?

Erin said...

(: Soooo cute! It's wonderful that you all finally got meet the little one :)

Erin said...

Sorry! I forgot the "to".

Erin said...

Sorry! I forgot the "to".

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

So precious! :)