Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland!?

This morning we woke up in a winter wonderland with a beautiful, wet snow covering everything in sight. A very unusual sight for the warm, sunny south! It's amazing how quickly our surroundings can be transformed!

We've been in South Carolina for almost 2 weeks now. Enjoying the fellowship and friendships here. We're thankful to all be healthy again, and for the rich evenings of music and ministry that we've had.

And now this weekend is the Gospel Express Prison Crusade. We'd been looking forward to this weekend as the hours in each prison are a special privilege. Time to share the gospel with men and women who are especially seeking. And encouraging our brothers and sisters behind bars.

But yesterday, halfway through our weekend of ministry, everything suddenly screeched to a halt. South Carolina is not used to snow. And especially not the 4 inches that quickly accumulated. All Friday evening and Saturday services and one-on-one opportunities were cancelled. Our family was grateful to have an afternoon service yesterday, so we were still able to enter and had a rich, sweet service from 1 - 3:30 in the afternoon. But most of the prison were unable to allow the teams to continue as scheduled.

Please do pray for the inmates this weekend as they really look forward to this crusade every year. May the Lord give extra grace and encouragement to them. Pray that our final service tomorrow will have extra impact. The Lord can do mighty things and bring glory to His name in the midst of all these changes to our plans. May we be in tune with HIS plans!

As one brother challenged us this morning -- Did we wish we'd been more whole-hearted and bold during the few, short hours we were behind bars on Thursday?! We little suspected that our opportunities would be abruptly canceled. How often we think we'll have another day, another hour. Would we have done things differently if we'd have known?!

And how about in view of eternity?! If our life is abruptly cut short of our expectations, will we have wished we'd lived differently? A sobering thought in light of this weekend's events.

Covered in snow!

Several of you have been asking what a typical day is like for our family on the bus. I mentioned this to several of my siblings and they just laughed...."Typical"!?!

But even if each day isn't very 'typical', it is unique and full of interesting and practical challenges. Having 12 people living in 360 square feet has its challenges -- although, without Bethany and Andrew traveling with us, we almost feel like a small family! The bus is quite spacious on this trip [although, in case you're wondering....we'd always rather have the added company of our whole family than the added space in the bus]!!

Right now Hannah has been working with Bethany's spare camera and mega-zoom lens. This makes taking pictures in the bus rather challenging, but we'll be working to put a 'life on the road' dialog together. Many thanks to everyone who has been upholding us in your prayers!

"For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven,
And do not return there, But water the earth, And make it bring forth and bud,
That it may give seed to the sower And bread to the eater,
So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."
Isaiah 55:10:11


The Mayo Family said...

Dear Friends,
So glad to hear your feeling well!
Sorry that your having...our weather :) We are sad to learn that your sharing time inside has been called to a stop, for all of you there awaiting time to minister, sing, pray with these that have been waiting. May God use this time of waiting together for you to encourage one another and pray, we know that all things are for His glory & reasons.
Our love & prayers,
The Mayo Family

bassplayer7 said...

Rachel, thank you very much for keeping us updated. I suppose that the Lord had some purpose in letting the snow come, and you all not being able to go minister in those prisons. Sometimes it may seem like it doesn't make any sense, but the Lord is in control.

I've been keeping you in my prayers, and will continue to do so.

P.S. Even with limited equipment the pictures turned out well!

Woodsaw4 said...

Hi there.

Thank you for the update. I have been praying for you. Like bass player said, I have seen so many times where the Lord knows what is best. And certainly in the area of the weather. Snow in sc sounds pretty intense. I will be praying for you driving with those road conditions and that kind of weather - especially in an area were no one other than you is used to snow let alone driving in it :).

God bless. Woodsaw4

Daniel said...

Good points to ponder, about being bolder and such... I pray that God will bless whatever opportunities come to you.

Looking forward to the 'life on the road' post. I am wondering, though, where exactly is Andrew these days? Is he still working at the boys' camp? Just curious. :)

God bless you all - we can't wait until your next Michigan trip!

Jessica Faith said...


Kenna said...

Hopefully there will be no more delays but if there are more then God probably has a reason.

Can't wait for the "life on the road" post.

The pictures look good even without the fancy :) equipment. Hannah is doing a good job!

May God bless you all!

MoonShaw said...

Definitely a thought to think about...!
Glad to hear you're all OK!

Kimberly Ruth said...

That's nice except that we have over a foot of snow on the ground over here.:):):):):):):):):)Thanks!!!