Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Special Evening

Finally -- I have internet once again! And with oodles of pictures and updates to post. It's been a very full week here in Florida. Most of last week was spent on the eastern coast sharing at churches and senior groups --sometimes twice a day.

We were especially encouraged by our morning concerts for several county senior groups. While we greatly enjoy being in churches and fellowshipping with other believers, we also count it a privilege to share for a wider audience where a large percentage are un-churched. We pray many seeds were planted for the gospel!

But in addition to sharing at these events, we had a pleasant surprise! One of the senior groups gave us a gift certificate to the "Cracker Barrel" restaurant. Now, many of you have been asking what everyday life is like for our family. Well, one of the quirks of having a large family is that we rarely, rarely go out to eat. So this was actually the first time most of us had ever been to the Cracker Barrel restaurant. It was a very special evening!

Gotta love those rocking chairs!

We had fun browsing their gift shop while we waited for our meal.
Hannah likes to discover wacky lollipops ever since the Musical!

But yes, I prefer the Jelly Bellys!

We loved the feel of the ol'time general store.

As we were browsing, I had the opportunity to visit with one of the restaurant staff who had many questions about our family. It was a great opportunity to share Jesus Christ. In visiting with her, I learned that she was a believer and endeavoring to raise her two daughters to love the Lord. We had a great conversation. As we left, she gave me a huge hug and said, "This is no accident. God ordained that we should meet like this! Thank you!"

A good reminder that wherever we go, we are testifying of Christ!


As you can tell by the big smiles, it was a memorable family evening!

Thank you, Titusville seniors!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a simply delightful time! The photo of all of you in the rocking chairs is such a fun photo! :)

Have a lovely day, delighting in the Lord! May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Caroline said...

What a wonderful evening. Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite restaurants. I am an only child (who moved to Washington state) and my mom is always sending me care packages with stuff from their store...particularly the candies. :)

Isn't it such a blessing when God places people right in our path!


Kimberly Ruth said...

That sounds like soooooooo much fun!!!
Sometime I would really like to go to the Cracker Barrel. I think it would be absolutely delicious!!! That is a great blessing that you got to share with that store attendant!!! What a blessing!!! God Bless y'all.

The Pauls' Family said...

Love those family times!

The rocking chair picture is great! I'm sure there are not many times you can all sit in a rocking chair at one time :)

They don't have a Cracker Barrel here in Canada. Sounds great though.

Praying with you that the seeds you planted will grow and bring people to our loving Saviour's arms.

Annie said... sweet! It looks like you all had a wonderful evening together! I love the picture of Hannah and the lollipops! :)
I'm looking forward to more news of Josiah and Abi? :)

Ruth Ann said...

what a blessing!

I love this post ~ the testimonies, the pictures, the encouragement. =)

thanks for sharing Rachel!

Jenna said...

Hehe, I understand the treat of going out too eat, because I am from a "large" family too!! The nice thing about not going out regularly, is that when we do it's VERY special:)

I noticed your blog button, and I've added it to my sidebar...your whole family is such an encouragement to me, keep shining for HIM.


Jenna said...

I added the button, but it isn't showing up on my blog...just wanted to let ya'll know;)

Kenna said...

Love the rocking chair picture! They were all very good pictures!
May you have a wonderful, great day and week!
Thanks for the update!

Rachel Wissmann said...

Thanks, Jenna! I updated it -- hopefully it works now?!


Jenna said...

Dear Rachel,
I hate to say it, but the button still doesn't come up...keep trying, because I'd be honored to have your button on my side bar as well as the link:)


Ruth W. said...

Sounds like such an awsome, fun time!! That togetherness feel that comes with family is like no other. I can identify with not going out to eat much with the big family and all!:) Loved all the pictures!
Florida huh? I'll trade in some of that weather for my wintry wisconsin!!:) Pleease?! actually, the sun was shining today and if you got all bundled up and stood directly underneath you were actually quite warm!!:b

Jenna said...

It worked:) Thank you, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Looks like MUCH fun:D! That's neat that you were able to share with the staff woman! It's amazing how God is always looking to use our lives to encourage others!

~An Indiana Aquaintance :)

Charity said...

Oh WOW Rachel!! our family moved from Indiana to Colorado in 2006 - we went to Cracker Barrel all the time (sometimes still do). It is ALL THE WAY my favorite restaurant - I LOVE the rocking chairs! We always have a blast there, going around the gift store, yes looking at the lollipops :), and so much more! So cool to hear that you like Cracker Barrel too! That rocking chair picture is awesome... :)
Sounds like you had funfunfun! :)
missbear {at} skybeam {dot} com