Monday, February 08, 2010

A Higher Vision

Recently I picked up a biography of Keith Green in a church library. I'd heard of his life and ministry through my parents' comments about him. I was challenged by the following quote:

"The only music minister to whom the Lord will say, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant," is the one whose life proves what their lyrics are saying, and to whom music is the least important part of their life. Glorifying the only worthy One has to be a minister's most important goal!"
-Keith Green


Jenna said...

What a beautiful quote. I think that goes for everything, doesn't it?!

Thank you for sharing - now I will be looking for a biography of Keith Green:)


The Mayo Family said...

Thankyou... what a blessing!


Sarah said...

Hey Rachel... just read on your website you're planning events in CO?! Yay! Do you have anything in the Denver metro area yet? If not, we might be able to set something up.

David Kent said...

It is a challenge to each and every one of us, and in more than just music; though some, such as your family, have a higher visibility to others.

We can't fret continually about it, but do need to continually make sure we are grounded in the Lord's Word and examining our lives with help from others, so that we are living as Jesus wants us so we don't become a disgrace to others.

I frequently pray for your family that whatever popularity and success your family has, that you all will stay true to the Lord and no other, so that your witness will not be diminished.

Ruth Ann said...

Rachel, thanks for sharing that beautiful quote. I really appreciate that.

Annie said...

That is so true! What a neat quote. Your family really shines radiantly for Jesus....thank you!
Joyfully in Christ,
P.S. I miss you Rachel!! :)

Bethany Beasley said...


(And are you taking over for me in skimming church libraries?!?! :) And fun to see a pic of you at Bibleville!! See you in THREE WEEKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Keith Green's biography (by Melody Green) is very challenging. He was an amazing servant of Christ. His spiritual depth and dedication spur me on to win others for God's Kingdom.

A Sister-in-Christ

Jessica Faith said...

so true - in everything!!! are you guys coming to CO anytime soon??

Cheyne said...

I love Kieth Green's music! And the quote is so true. He wrote almost every one of his songs... most of them were from what the Lord was teaching him in his own life. The words in his songs are powerful and full of meaning. Lots to think about when you learn them...

Teena said...

Just found your blog... from anothers. Thank you for sharing.

Wow... looking at the bus. God is faithful!