Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day on the Beach

Last Saturday morning we awoke to the gentle, pattering of rain on our bus roof. Usually this is a fun, cozy way to start the day -- but not on Saturday! This was our one day we'd planned to spend on the beach with some good friends from Nebraska. We checked the forecast [20% chance of showers] and headed to the coast. Thankfully, the weather report we'd read must have been incorrect, because it turned out to be a lovely day of sunshine and fun on the beach.

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and detailed our Creator was as He designed this world. From the crashing waves to the delicate designs on each seashell. And the tiny footprints of a seagull walking across the white sand. How great is our God!

And we did manage to catch some fun pictures of the day --

Alaythia led the younger ones in the adventure of building sand creations and deep craters!

A romantic walk down the beach

Can anyone say "coated in sand"!?!?

This was the first Charissa remembered visiting the beach. She LOVED it and spent literally hours letting the waves cover her toes and hauling sand back and forth along the shoreline.

Racing the tide back and forth

Time for walking and chatting

Our friends rented wet suits, so the 'middle ones' spent hours jumping waves and having a blast in the salty water. They even came close to a pair of dolphins!


It was an extremely memorable day -- and we're left with sunny faces as proof!

Sing to the LORD a new song,
And His praise from the ends of the earth,
You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it,
You coastlands and you inhabitants of them!
Isaiah 42:10


Jenna said...

Oh how fun, and warm:) I can only imagine what a sunny day in Florida would be like...hmmm...

Glad that you were able to "get away" for a fun day at the beach!!


p.s. How is Abi doing??

The Gilmore Family said...

Oh! How fun!! Glad it didn't rain!

Wasn't it COLD?!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Looks like lots of fun! I love seeing God's handiwork! Especially along the beach!

~An Indiana Aquaintance :)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had such a lovely day at the beach! So many delightful smiles! May the Lord bless you abundantly as you diligently serve Him!


Lily said...

This has made me even more excited for my family's upcoming trip to Florida! It is so beautiful and sunny--we went a few years ago and I can hardly wait to go back! It looks like you all had so much fun. Such nice warm weather--quite the opposite of the snowy landscape here. Anyways. :) Those sunburns reminds of when I looked like a red lobster last year at camp. The ocean is so much fun! Glad you all had a lot of fun--at least it looked like you did!

Bethany said...

Charissa's pigtails are DARLING!!!! Oh! Can't wait to give that girl a squeeze in a few more days!!!

Annie said...

How fun! I loved seeing all the pictures. Especially the last one. :) Hannah and Susannah, you look *lovely* and rosy!
Our family is going to FL this spring, so I'm looking forward to it!
P.S. Bethany, your comment made me smile! :) I hope to see a long post with lots of pictures when the Wissmanns visit the Beasleys in Virginia! :)

Marissa and Andrea said...

How fun! Visiting the beach is always a memorable adventure. :)

Kenna said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!
I love going to the ocean...only been once (well actually it was the Gulf) but it was close enough to the same thing.
Loved the pictures.
I love how you guys are a close family! You don't see that often enough in families.

Charity said...

Oh I LOVELOVELOVE the beach - have you ever been to the dunes (IN) & Lake Michigan??? love it...

Linda said...

Looks like a very fun day! Glad the sun was out all day.