Monday, February 15, 2010

Announcement Coming Soon!

With the due date of baby Wissmann just around the corner, we're eager as can be to meet this new little person! Although we're scheduled to be on the road for another three weeks, Abi's due date is rapidly approaching -- tomorrow, February 16th! I'm sure they'd appreciate prayers for a safe and healthy arrival. We look forward to keeping you updated in the coming days!


Annie said...

How exciting!! I will pray for Abi and the baby's health and safe delivery. I can't wait to hear the big news! :)

Jenna said...

PRAISE THE LORD for that precious new life!!!!! I'm here in MI eagerly anticipating your news, and praying for a safe delivery!!

Make sure to update us as soon as you get the wonderful news:)

Ruth Ann said...

so excited! can't wait to hear the news. =)

Lesley said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear new of the precious little blessing's arrival!

I'm sure you're all just super excited!:)

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for that announcement!!! :D
I'll be praying!

Kimberly Ruth said...

What a blessing and that is soooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!! I will most certainly be praying for you and the new little arrival!!!:O :):):):):):):)

~Desiree~ said...

I will be praying. I am sure you all are very excited!

Lily said...

Awesome! I'm just as excited as they look! :) I will definitely pray: hope everything turns out all right.

Charity Nee said...

I will be praying - I can hardly wait for that announcement!!! :) God bless!

Kenna said...

It seems just like yesterday that they were announcing that they were expecting! Time flies!!!!
Can't wait to hear when Baby Wissmann arrives and what him/her's name is!!!!!
Hope everything goes well.

Lulu said... awesome! It's amazing, God's awesome plan for new children! God is good!

Kimberly Ruth said...

Today's the big day!!! Can't wait!!!:)

Anonymous said...

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