Saturday, February 06, 2010

3 Years Ago Today...

It's good to have landmarks in our lives, reminding us of God's faithfulness. Places and moments in time where we saw the Lord work in specific, mighty ways.

February 6th and a certain mile-marker on I-10 is one of those landmarks for our family. This week -- almost to the day of the accident -- we once again drove down that interstate in Mississippi. We found the place where we had experienced the mercy and protection of our God in such an incredible way. We still marvel at the great things He did in those few seconds that seemed to last for hours.

To read the full story, visit this post.

A sobering reminder of reality. We had recently purchased and remodeled our '84 MCI bus, investing countless hours converting it into a home. And yet, in those few moments, none of us even gave thought to the damage inflicted on the bus. It paled in comparison to our real concern...people. Life and death situations have a way of bringing you face to face with the important things in life.

It was nothing short of miraculous that all 15 of us walked off that bus without so much as a scratch. As we drove that highway once again, our hearts where filled with thanksgiving.

"O Lord GOD, You have begun to show Your servant
Your greatness and Your mighty hand,
for what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do anything
like Your works and Your mighty deeds?"
Deut. 3:24


bassplayer7 said...

I praise the Lord that you all made it through that without any major injuries. We saw a truck wreck the other day, in which one truck was slowing down and was plowed into from the back, I think both drivers were okay, but still it was a reminder of the seriousness of accidents. One simple mistake can do so much!

Lily said...

Wow, Rachel! That is amazing...I can't believe all of you walked OUT of that mess! God is so good, isn't He? He loves us so much.
Your sister in Christ,

Ash Y said...

I just read the story, and that was a line of miracles!!!

Lulu said...

Wow. God is AWESOME! Praise the Lord. I remember reading that post and thinking.....Lord..please help their family! And you all are okay.

Bethany said...

Oh! Those pictures bring back SO many memories...and miracles. WOW.

Kori said...

I still remember the moment when I saw that post. My heart sank when I saw the first picture of the banged up bus and I immediately started praying.

I am still, to this day, amazed. God truly had His Hands on that bus! What an incredible testimony of His protection and mercy!! God is SO good!! ♥

Kenna said...

Wow! I hadn't started following ya'll when that happened.
God is AWESOME! I'm so thankful that you all walked away from it.
He apparently wasn't done with ya'll yet!
God bless you all!

Daniel Turack said...

Wow that story is amazing! It is an evident reminder of God's protection. Thanks for sharing.

Jenna said...

I just read the entire story, and WOW, nothing about that was "luck" was ALL the providence of God. It reminds me of your song "HE is Faithful".

PRAISE HIM that you're all safe!

Mindy S. said...

You were all very protected by God. I thank Him that you were all ok. I remember looking at the blog you put on 3 years ago and when you bought the new bus. I was just thinking about your accident a few days ago and tonight when I went on your blog there it was. :) Love Mindy S.

Mike said...

YIKES! That is truly a miracle!
My brother totaled his car by going of the road and flipping three times. He was unharmed, as well. God places guardian angels all around us. We must keep them busy!

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

Great is HIS faithfulness! What a mighty God we serve!! Love you all so much, and are praying for you!

Rebekah in MS said...

I found out about you all mostly through the Bright Lights CD and have been enjoying reading your blogs recently! It's amazing to read about how the LORD is working through your family.
I was wondering, where in MS were you when the accident happened? I looked for a newspaper article but couldn't find one. I think I might remember hearing about it!

Jessica Faith said...

WOW - amazing. we had a serious car crash in 2007 - all the family came out ok but it really makes you think doesn't it?
when i was reading the original post, i had chills running up and down my back... We DO serve an awesome God! What a miracle - obviously God's hand working in all of that!
P.S. do you have a new bus now? sorry i just started following your blog several weeks ago :)

Kath said...

Incredible! I read for the first time today about what happened 3 years ago. What a powerful testimony of God's protection & mercy. We serve such a powerful and awesome God.
~ Kath

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the Lord protects. That is such a startling reminder to pay closer attention. The most critical thing with driving (especially a big rig), is keeping a good distance between you vehicle, and the vehicle in front of you. This can be tough, especially in traffic. If people keep taking up the space in front of you, just keep backing off.

Anybody can make mistakes, but keeping a better distance in front of you can alleviate a lot of problems. It is amazing how the Lord protected you. I know a gentleman that had an accident much like yours. The only difference was, he lost his legs in the wreck (he was the bus driver).

Be careful!

All the best.

Becca said...

I went back and read the post you linked to...that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder what devout Christians such as yourselves would have said had this turned
out so much worse. Just suppose someone had been hurt and another killed. Then where was the hand of God? Smote against you? Where
was his protection? It wouldn't be classified a miracle any longer, would it? I don't understand how God is so great when everything goes right,
but no one says much of anything when things go horribly wrong, other than, "God called him home",
or "it was God's plan". I just don't get it.

Samantha R. said...

Praise the Lord!