Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Month Anniversary!

I know we have many mutual blog readers with Bethany's Blog, but just in case you haven't visited her site for awhile, I encourage you to pop over there. This morning Bethany posted such a sweet post detailing their precious wedding day. Isn't it amazing how the mere mention of certain dates brings a smile to your face!? December 19th is certainly one of those dates.

Happy one-month anniversary you two!

God is so good!


Under Southern Skies said...

The time seems to have gone by so fast! I'm so happy for her and Dan, they make such a sweet couple! :)

Kimberly Ruth said...

I can't believe that it already the middle of January and it has been a whole month since you guys got married!!!!!! And the picture is absolutely adorable!!!:):):):):):):).

Kenna said...

The month has FLOWN by! Doesn't seem like a month ago. :)
Already the middle of January! Wasn't the Lord's birthday just yesterday!?

The Gilmore Family said...

It really does not seem that long ago!


Anonymous said...

He IS!

Lulu said...

I love love LOVE that picture!