Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogging Birthday!

This month has flown by with each of my blog posts seemingly a couple days behind! But, nonetheless, its better late than never! [smile]

Sunday was our blog-birthday! Little did we realize only four years ago what a blessing this blog would be to our family. For through this blog we have met so many of you readers, made many more dear friends, received invaluable prayer support and encouragement, and now have a consistent record of the Lord's hand at work in our lives.

How fun it is to peek back in our archives to see how much the younger children have grown. How many special memories! How many prayers have been answered, joys have been shared, and family changes have happened. And through it all we see the Lord's faithfulness anew each day. We dearly hope this is the golden thread that weaves its way through this blog. It's not about us. It's all about HIM! And we so enjoy the opportunity to share in this small way.

So to celebrate this, our annual blogging birthday, would you leave us a comment to let us know you stop by?! It's really quite painless and lots of fun. I'll start...

I discovered your blog by...well, okay, so I WRITE the blog!! ;)

See?! Now it's your turn...


Emily Hipps said...

Emily Hipps
I think I found your blog from Bethany's back in the day. Or maybe I found hers from this one... :D Either way I have enjoyed following your family's ministry for years, and knowing you all personally. Thanks for sharing so others can be encouraged!

Anonymous said...

Hi! A friend of mine has heard you sing before and I have listened to a couple of your cds. I have really enjoyed your blogs and seeing all the pictures of what you do and where you go, etc! May God Bless your family as you serve HIM!

Kori said...

Andrew's Girl :)
I found your blog by... YOU! ....You sent me an e-mail back in the day that said, Hey, check out our new blog! ...and I've followed you ever sense!! :)

Love ya'll!! ♥

Becky said...

Hi, I'm Becky.
I'm live in Texas. I would say I'm FROM Texas, but I still claim Oklahoma where I grew up.
I found your blog through Bethany's a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

The Flemings
We found you through the Dorgtinacs...and found your blog through your website! You have been such an ecouragement.

Emily said...

Emily from California. :) Your family came and sang at our church a while back (Warner Avenue Baptist). Anyways, I love your blog--keep the posts coming. :D

Holly said...

Hi Rachel -

I found your blog through Bethany's and I think I found hers through Young Ladies Christian Fellowship (ylcf.org).

You have a wonderful family and your posts are a real blessing in my life - I check your website nearly everyday.

Johan said...

I found your blog through your website after hearing your family sing in April 2007. It was the first blog I ever saw, and I've been reading it ever since. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sharmane from Minnesota. Your family has sang at my church (Northern Bible)and built a huge snowman right in front of it last year. :) I, also, heard you sing at the family bluegrass festival this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed your kids sessions because I too love to work with kids. It is so great to watch you do God's will! Oh, and I found your blog through one of the Berge girls blog. :)It is so encouraging to hear from you!

Ruth Ann said...

Ruth Ann
I found your blog from Bethany's and they were some of the first blogs I was regularly visiting, and enjoyed so much! Such a blessing. :) Then I promptly bought my first CD of yours - "Going Home" and we played that thing again and again and again. So lovely! And now I have to keep up to date by buying every new CD that comes out - and I have! Love, love, love your music!

Thank you for encouraging others and bringing glory to the Lord - you do bless me!

Anne-Marie said...

Whanganui, New Zealand
I can't remember how I found your blog but I always enjoy reading what your family is up to.
Best wishes for 2010 to you all!

Emily from VA said...

I'm Emily from VA. I found your blog from your website. And I heard of your website from friends who met you at a prison crusade last January. Then I finally got to hear and meet you in person in Oct. (Dayton Mennonite Church)
May God bless you richly as you continue serving Him!

Anonymous said...

Lisa from Ontario, Canada

I found your blog after your family sang at Lighthouse Gospel Church in Port Burwell a couple years ago. I've really enjoyed following your blog...

God bless!

Victoria said...

I don't really know how I found your blog. :-) I think it might have been a search for other bluegrass family bands. Also, I know Ian Badeer and Caleb Allen, who I think know you.

Keep posting! :-)

amy said...

I found your blog through Bethany's, but I can't remember how I happened to come across hers. I always enjoy reading your new posts and all the pictures. I hope 2010 is an amazing year for you all!

Christina said...

I'm Christina, from Ontario, and I found your blog from you after you guys visited us. :) Happy blogging birthday! I love reading about your lives! :) God bless you all! :)

Fair Maiden said...

Hi, my name is Kelley and I actually just met Bethany in person yesterday at the Creation Museum. I have been following your blog (and Bethany's) for at least 2 1/2 years. I found out about your family through Grace Mally, and have loved keeping up with you all ever since!
I'm from Connecticut, but my Husband and I are currently travelling the country on a 5 month Tour, promoting his book Swords of the Six.
Many blessings in this new year!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from Bethany's blog. I'm not sure how I found hers but loved her photography and have been following both blogs for several months now. Thank you for letting us all follow your family's experiences.

Lesley said...


Don't remember how I came to follow your blog. I think it must have been way back after the first NCHEA Kid's Conference.;) But it has been such fun to follow your family's adventures and travels!

My Bright Corner said...

I found your blog...um.....I don't remember. ??!! But I love reading it, though!

Anna said...

North Carolina
I found your blog through your website while searching for familys that play bluegrass gospel music!

Amy said...

I found your blog through Bethany's. She gave me the address to her blog after we talked about photography following a concert in Michigan.

Guntzel Girls said...

Amy G.
I found a link to your blog through Mindy (Berge) Caron's blog. I have also had the privilege of watching your family perform twice here in northern MN, and I love reading updates on what the Lord is doing in and through each and every one of you. Happy Blogging Birthday!


The Ahlgren Family said...

Discovered your blog through your website after hearing ya'll sing in a tiny church in rural OK in January or February of '06. I was blessed so much that night! The songs and what your Dad shared were all the same things that the Lord had been teaching me at that time! Somehow there was a mix up in my family and we all thought someone else bought a CD, so none of us did! I was so disappointed, but ordered one soon after! My Dad and I had so much fun singing those songs together! The ones where the little children sing too would always make him smile and laugh so much! It was off of that CD that I first heard one of my husband's and my favorite hymns, "I Am Resolved"!
The first blog post I saw was from February 8, 2006 and had a picture of Ruth scrambling eggs! :)
God bless!

Anonymous said...


We discovered your blog when we discovered your wonderful family when you sang at a church in our area a few years back! Thanks SO much for blogging! It keeps us very updated on your lives and prayer list! Not to mention it's a wonderful encouragement to me to keep pressing on in tough times (and good times too!)! Thanks!

~An Indiana Aquaintance

Anonymous said...

I found your blog sometime after you came to our area a few years ago and sang and played. I've very much enjoyed following it ever since. Thank you for your commitment to keep it God-honoring!
God bless! :)

DocAndCJP said...

We have followed you through the years while you were patients of the Milford dentist and have enjoyed your singing at the July 4th programs in Seward.About a year ago we discovered your blog after hearing that you had one and have enjoyed it very much.Blessings as you begin the New Year with changes and additions in your family.

Anonymous said...


Found your blog by you, I believe.
Love to "keep in touch" with you all.
Love to you all. We miss you.

Becca said...

I was in Bethany's small group at the Bright Lights conference. She shared her blog with me and I think that is how I found this one.
I enjoy reading about everything your family does.

Anonymous said...

London, England
I can't really remember how I found your blog, though it must have been via YLCF somehow! I've loved getting a glimpse into your lives, and it always encourages me a lot :)
Have a lovely day!

Spencer said...

Hi! I have to admit not very faithful at checking your blog but, I'm very glad that i did today. My sister (Becca) told me about your Blog.

Annie said...

I discovered your blog by you telling me about it at the Bright Lights conference last April in Omaha (I think). It has been such a blessing to me, and I love seeing pictures and reading about your family.
Thanks, Rachel!!
God bless you,

Caris said...

Howdy! I've been enjoying your blog the past couple weeks after I found it on Josh & Kelsie's website. I'm currently living in Bolivia for 6 months. (And keep my own blog updated, check it out! :)

It's refreshing to see such a lovely, LOVING, beautiful family. Thanks for the great posts!

Bethany said...

Bethany Roberts
Canberra, Australia
I found your blog via Bethany's

My family also has 13 children, just in case you were interested. :)

*~cici~* said...

Portland, OR
I found it through bethany's blog :)

hApPy blogthday!

Jolene said...

Jolene from New Mexico. I found your blog through google reader suggestions based on other blogs I read using the reader. LOL. happy blog anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through a friend of mine. She had it linked to her blog. I've been following it ever since! :D

Thank you for being an example to me of what young women should be!

Kayla said...

Happy Blogging Birthday! I'm Kayla from Florida and I think I first heard about your family and blog from my friend, Desiree. You came down to give a concert at our church last February. It was so neat to meet you all in person! Keep up the great work. :)

Nicole said...

Nicole Wissmann

I discovered your blog by...

Well... I'm your cousin... So I'm kinda ethically obligated to read your blog. Good thing I like it so much!!!! :o)

Lily said...


Well, my sister Annie and I were both in your small group at the Bright Lights conference, Rachel, so I remember her telling me that you told her that your family has a blog.
Sorry-sounds complicated. It's really not. But let's get back to the topic...I get so random. :)

Your blog is such an encouragement to me and I love checking it for updates and looking at photos and reading what ya'll have been up to. And thanks (once again) for being the best-est Bright Lights counselor in the world! I miss you.

In Christ, Lily

elizabeyta said...

from Bethany's blog

Melanie said...

Melanie Darragh
N. Ireland
My sister designed your website and that is when I first learned that you were writing a blog. And now I am addicted! I LOVE your family, you are each one such a blessing!

Danae said...

I always enjoy keeping up with your blog, and all the pictures are great!

David Kent, Juneau, AK said...

David Kent

I discovered your blog by...

Well... I'm NOT your cousin... So I'm kinda NOT ethically obligated to read your blog. Good thing I like it so much!!!! :o)

(With apologies to another Commenter :-))

The real story is...

I discovered your blog by...

Finding a link on the Wissmann Family web site waayyy back on January 9, 2006 and have been a regular visitor ever since. Your journal and your family has been a blessing and encouragement to me over the past 4 years.

P.S. You still need to get your Mother and Dad to be guest posters. It would be great to get their perspective on things.

Rachel Wissmann said...

David -- We love your idea of having Dad and Mom guest post, but somehow it never quite happens! Maybe in 2010! :)

Lulu said...

North Dakota
We met (or at least Hannah and I did!!)in person at the ND Homeschool Convention in 2008. We got a CD of yours and saw that there was a website. I went to your website and saw a link to your blog! :)I check your blog every day and enjoy it.
Lily-I've been to a Bright Lights conference, too!
I just got your two CDs, Let My Life Be a Light and Joy to the World. I love them both! You have the best music in the world! I would love to see you sometime again soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and I have a suggestion. Maybe you could update the biographies of you guys on your actual website?? they're kinda old!

Lisa in NH said...

YLCF > LizzyKristine > Bethany > you (I think).

Your blog is a very refreshing stop!

Ashley said...

Ashley Helmuth
South Carolina

I think I found your blog through your websight which I think I found on the back of a CD. Anyway,I love reading your blog and also bethany's blog too! HOpe y'all have a happy New Year.~Ashley

Marissa and Andrea said...

Marissa and Andrea
I don't remember how we found your blog... but we have really enjoyed reading about your family!!

~Desiree~ said...

Miami. I found you all through the Bontragers. I love all your singing. I got your new CD for Christmas and have enjoyed it S-O-O much!!!

~Desiree~ said...

I forgot the part that I should put in the state. But anyway I am in Florida:)

Anonymous said...

The Mittons

Our family has listened to you play in Canada, Mexico, and Texas. We have been very blessed by your godly music and your testimony. You are consistently on our prayer list!
God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Make that Canada and Texas! :)Not Mexico and Texas.

Jack McDonnell said...

Whoa...lots of comments here!

I enjoy looking at all the great pictures that you guys take.

God bless.

Bethany said...


I found your blog through Bethany's which I found through the Young's Family blog. I really enjoy all of your posts!

Rhonda said...

Rhonda Cosby
I am not sure how I found your blog. Through a friends blog I think. Well, actually I found it through Bethany's blog. I think I found Bethany's through a friend.

Island Girl said...

I found your blog through Bethany's & I think I found hers through ylcf.org

I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to see what the Lord does in your life in the coming year - 2010!

Hannah Burwell said...

Well I believe I heard about your blog from you ,or someone in your family! Your Blog has been such a blessing to me ,and I enjoy reading about how the Lord is working in all of your lives! May God Bless you all, Hannah :)

Amy said...

Amy Kruciak

I know you all through NCHEA. I found out about your blog from a friend and LOVE reading and being encouraged!

It's such a blessing to see the Lord at work in your lives.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Emily McDonnell said...

I found your blog through Bethany's, and I have really enjoyed reading it!

The Marshall Artists said...

We found your blog only about 2 years ago when the DeLaduranteys and Jasters kept raving about this talented musical family that they had met and heard.....

Blessings! See y'all in January, Lord willing!

The Marshalls

Anonymous said...

Liz Anderson
I'm not quite sure how I found your blog. I think I read about your family on some sort of blog and decided to check out your website. That was two years ago. :)

Kenna said...

Found your website through the Redhead Express which then led me to your blog!
Love reading about everything that happens and how your concerts go. Thanks so much for serving the Lord! You are such a blessing to so many people. Hopefully one day I'll be able to hear you all. But if not I know I will get to in Heaven! :)
God Bless!

Hannah said...

I think I got on your blog from your family website. I have REALLY enjoyed reading about all you've been up to, and I especially enjoy seeing pictures!! :-) May God bless you all richly in the new year!!

{ jessica } said...

Jessica Courter
hmm - I think I found your blog from Bethany's blog... Or maybe a friend told me about it. Either way, I have loved getting to "know" you!

Linda N. said...

Found your encouraging, edifying, humorous and beautiful spot on the web after meeting you at the Bridger revivals. :)

Tori said...

We got to your blog through your website - we have been following your family/ministry for years now!

Happy blogging birthday! ;)

Anonymous said...

South Carolina
I dicovered your blog when my mom told me about it! :)

Brooke said...

Hey there!

I'm Brooke from Oklahoma. I found your blog through your family's website and enjoy the posts! God bless!

Hols said...

Holly Hochstetler

I found your blog through some friends! I greatly enjoy seeing how the Lord works in and through your family and ministry!
Thanks for opening up and sharing your lives!

Happy New Year!!!!

Dennah Renee said...

I am a friend of Brooke, who commented above. You all are amazing musician!!! Keep it up.
~Dennah Renee

Anonymous said...

I found your blog after meeting your family at Prairie Bible Camp. And I can honestly say that knowing your family, reading your blogs and listening to your CD's has caused me to grow closer to the Lord. I thank you for the witness each of you have been to me and my family. Praying the Lords allows you many more years of serving Him.

Linda Gutschmidt ~ ND

Amy said...

I can't remember how I found your blog. Maybe blog hopping, but it was a long time ago. I don't usually comment.

Molly said...

Your family sang at out church (Red Oak Community Mennonite Church) several times in the past few years (in 2008, and 2007... I think). So, I some how came across your blog then, and I really enjoy reading it, and seeing pictures of your family!

Thank you for all that you share!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wissmans,
I came across your blog through one from a bluegrass festival...What a blessing you all have been to me and my family. You're such an inspiration. Congratulations to the newlyweds. May God bless you all.
Marie in NC

Vickie said...

(I don't remember for sure, but I think you told me about your family blog.)
I have been blessed many times by following your blog--Thank you for sharing!
Blessings to your family for 2010!
With love & prayers, Vickie

Addie said...

I found your blog after you sang at our church! (and NCHEA) =)

Anonymous said...

Rachel Wiebe
Aylmer On Canada
I discovered your blog by my sister reading it. You guys were so interesting that I just continued reading all about you. May God bless you and your family as it continues to grow. :)

Anonymous said...

One of my friends heard you sing and got your cds which they let us listen to=)
I love your music!!!!!!!

Kourtney said...

I don't remember! It's been so long!

margaret said...

Margaret from Oklahoma.We missed your concert at a local church so I think I googled your family and have been following your ministry since then.
My daughter is enjoying your newest cd.

Kimberly:P said...

Kimberly Wiebe
I found your blog from when you first came to my cousins church to sing and praise God with your beautiful voices.
And by the way I love all of your beautiful CD's.

Abigail said...

I found this blog through Bethany's.

Joanna said...

Joanna Perumalla
I found your blog after you mentioned to me in Farmington Hills, MI.. It is very encouraging to see what the Lord has been doing in your lives. you are in our prayers.

Kathryn Kauffman said...

Kathryn Kauffman
I think I found ur blog through Danae Borntrager. I really enjoy reading it, its such a blessing and encouraging....May God continiue to bless you as u serve him...

the W. family said...

Amy W.
Some friends of ours, the Kingery family, borrowed us a CD of yours a couple years ago, and so that is how we first found out about you all. We looked up your website address and then got onto your blog from there.
I really enjoy your blog and your music!
May the Lord bless you richly and use you mightily in the year ahead for His glory!

Melodie said...

Melodie Wiebe
Ontario, Canada

I found your blog after one of your very first visits to our Church back in....2007? Any way it has been a great encouragement and I love keeping up with your family it feels like I know you a whole lot better than I actually do!!!

Bergen Family said...

Bergen Family
We found out about your blog from some friends. We are also a large family of 11 children; one married with a son. We have all of your most recent CDs which are played quiet often in our home. It is encouraging to watch your family serving the Lord together through music. May you remain strong, and God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog through my siblings. I'm not really sure how they found it though. I've enjoyed reading your post's and seeing your pics! Love your music too! Especially your latest CD.

Elizabeth said...

I think I found your blog through the Bontrager Family's website or through Bright Lights. My friend also went to the Omaha Bright Lights conference and Rachel was her leader, so I also found out about it through her. :)

So neat to see so many comments!
Joyfully in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me about your blog and I looked it up. I've been following for several years now and look forward to each new update.

Hannah said...

I found your website through the Lake Itasca Family Bluegrass website.

God bless!

Haley said...

I found your blog through the Mallys about a year ago...We have heard many of your songs and CDs and enjoy following you!

pick'n partners said...

I heard about ya'll when someone gave me the cd "I am you shield." I really enjoy your posts (although I would love a few more;-)

FiveGreers said...

Wow, 95 comments later...
Greer Family Singers
We met you on your trip out here to California, plus Family Camp in Iowa, and over the internet. We love your blogs and your family, and can't wait to see what the next Wissmann "SMILES" post is all about! Blessings to you all in the New Year!

Lily said...

This is Lily from Iowa again!
Sorry-I forgot to say a few things. My family has all but two of your CDs and we absolutely LOVE them! Your voices blend together so beautifully and you definitely use that singing talent to glorify the Lord. We didn't make it to Branson, but in July, it was such a blessing to be able to see you guys perform in Clear Lake, IA.
Keep posting!

In Christ,

Pauline said...

I discovered your blog through a friends blog....can't remember which one now. Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your updates.

Rachel said...

I think I may have found your blog through YLCF. I love reading your family's blog, it is such a great encouragement to me here in Australia, to know that there are many people around the Lord serving our awsome God!!

Sarah (Photography by SM) said...

Found your blog through our good friends, the Tillotsons. Keep it up!

Katie said...

Katherine Stevens
I found your blog through a friends blog and have really enjoyed following. I love how as each siblings grows older they meet the love of their life and have a pure witness to the world. God bless you!

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...


I think I found your blog when looking to see if I could order your cd's. :) I have checked in ever since!

Happy blog anniversary!!

Happy New Year!!

Tim Stuivenga said...

I found your blog from your website, which I was viewing before you came to this area for a concert a few years ago. This summer I had the honor of interviewing some of you for our Christian radio station. I love your music and the message you give in your concerts.

Anonymous said...

kate k
I'm from IN.
I found your blog thru a friend, and also you all came out to our church this summer.
I (and my 8 sisters) check your blog ALL the time =]
keep up the good work, your blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog while doing some research about modesty (and the lack thereof in the church)As I came across blog rolls on blogs, I started clicking randomly and found yours. I enjoyed reading about your ministry and have been reading it for about a year now.

May God's blessings continue as you serve Him!

Jodi said...


I think I found your blog through Bethany's. It is a blessing to follow along with your family.

Anonymous said...

Pretoria, South Africa
No idea how I found your blog. Throught other blogs, I think. But how I found the other blogs?? No idea...

Kelsey said...

Destiny and DB who commented on here go to my church and had you all come out to Keefer Creek Baptist this summer to sing for us. we really enjoyed it..and went to your next performance at the Mennonite church :). I am so glad I have a way to keep up with your family! I actually started following your family's blog about a year before I met you :).

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Bright Lights. I really enjoyed hearing you sing at the conference!

Carolj said...

Carol (and possible various other members of the MacD clan)
I can't remember who told us about you guys but it was years ago! I think we've been visiting the blog off and on ever since. :)

Anonymous said...

Brown Family
We started following your blog after we met you at our church one Sunday about 2 1/2 yrs ago, your family came to sing for our church and community. Since then we have been greatly blessed to coninue reading about your family and ministry and have spent much time in prayer for you all. May God continue to bless you as you serve Him! Thanks for all the updates and pictures, you are right better late than never! :)

Chrissie said...

HI! I'm always stopping by to see what your wonderful family is up to. I guess I first found Bethany's blog when I was looking for doughnuts to make someday, and I was caught up with her photography and learned a lot. Of course, I had to see the family, too! so, here I am, devoted to your blog. Thanks for updating it often. I neglect mine so much, especially now that I'm working. I hope to remedy that this year! God bless each of you!

Tania said...

I am from Manitoba, Canada and found your blog through your family's web site. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing!

Sveta said...

I found your blog through Bethany's blog. I have enjoyed following your blog and adventures.

Anonymous said...


I've been following your blog since our family first heard you sing at Old Threshers a couple of years ago. We've since heard you again there, plus we attended your Branson performance in early November this year (and enjoyed it so much!) We also enjoy several of your CD's. Your enthusiasm for life and for the Lord is such a blessing!

Plattner Ranch said...

LauraLee from Illinois!

I love your music and your blog. I learned about you through the Bontragers.

I am hoping you will be close enough this year to come hear you in person!

God Bless You

Jonathan said...

Jonathan (and family)
North Dakota

Found your blog from a link on your family's website after learning you were going to play at the ND homeschool convention in 2008, and have enjoyed seeing the Lord work in your lives ever since! I enjoy your music, too!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through Bethany's blog, which I found through Alethia Liberty blog, which I found through the Rebelution blog, etc.
Congrats on the blog birthday!

Sarah Mally said...

Our car mechanic told my dad about this family music group coming to our area. After looking at your website, we decided to come. We're so glad we did! :-)

Ash Y said...

We know a family that knows you... I really enjoy your blog! ya'all have such a wonderful ministry! God Bless!

Daniel said...

Bryson Family
Hadley, Michigan

We found your blog in 2007 after hearing you at an outdoor concert in Grand Blanc, and since that time we have been regular followers of all things Wissmann! :) God bless!

Daniel, for all the Brysons

Anonymous said...

I love keeping up with your blog and it's always so encouraging to me. My family used to travel and do music together like you guys :) But we have since been broken apart by divorce which has been so hard, especially with so many involved. Keep up the good work your doing and being such a great example to so many! I also enjoy listening to your cd's

Yvonne said...

Yvonne Smith
I found your blog from my friend Malori's blog. Happy blogging birthday. I really enjoy reading! Have a wonderful year!

Anonymous said...

Melody Stahl
Heard you sing and found the blog!!!

Heidi said...

I found your blog after you sang in Guthrie, OK with the Atnips in 2006(?).

Kath said...

Victoria, Australia
Found your blog wilst blog hopping. So wonderful to see a big family serving the Lord together & not ashamed to be "different" than worldly standards. Wish there were more familiues like that here in Australia!

Emily said...

My sister told me about Bethany's blog after reading Josiah and Abby's courtship story on YLCF. Then clicked on the link to yours and read it happily ever after! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Becky from North Carolina...
How I found ya'lls blog was from my sis, and I'm not exactly sure how she found it. I think it was on Singing News... But we really love reading the blog, So keep blogging!!!

Laurissa Herrlinger said...

I have kept up with your blog ever since I first heard of you! Keep up the great ministry and God bless you!!!

Laurissa from Wisconsin

hannah said...

Virginia (Central Shenandoah Valley)

I've been reading your family's blog for several months after having read Bethany's for at least a year. Probably found her through a link from a fellow photographer, and have enoyed getting a peek at your family's life and joyful Christian perspective!

Happy blogiversary and blessings to you during 2010.

Holly said...

Holly Merryman

I found your blog after I had the blessing of having four Wissmann girls in my home a few Decembers ago! I love reading it and staying "in the know" :-). Thanks for the wonderful posts and encouraging music!

Stange Flock said...

We found out about your blog through some friends of ours, the Atnips. You are an encouragement to our family. It is evident that you all have the joy of the Lord. Keep on seeking first the Kingdom!

Caroline said...

Caroline Rott
I discovered your blog...when searching for Christian family bands online, that was back in 2007 and I've been an avid reader ever since. Your family's ministry is so uplifting for me!

Lots of blessings and happy blogaversary!

Rachel said...

Hi! Rachel from Kansas. :) I either found you through Bethany or vice versa...probably through YLCF or a similar link. I'm glad God directed me...your smiles and God-focus have been a bright spot in my day whenever I drop by. I'm also a former "The King's Daughter" subscriber (that was a long time ago!)and remember one of you girls sending in a "Day in My Life" article that I enjoyed. You looked like a family that would be wonderful knowing, so I'm glad I sort of can through blog-world! :)

Sharon said...

Sharon Raub
Missionaries to the Military based out of Texas

My parents actually met y'all in a parking lot of a store, where you were parked with your bus! We travel in a bus too, so they really enjoyed seeing another one and meeting your family! So then I looked y'all up and found your website, then finding your blog! I love it! Happy blogging birthday!

Kristi said...

Kristi (Unger)
Originally your neighbor in Seward but I live in central Illinois now.
I think I found your blog via a link on your Facebook page. I've enjoyed checking in once in a while! God bless!