Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creation Museum

On our return trip from the east coast, we were thrilled to make a visit to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY -- thank you, dear friends! We went with high expectations and were not disappointed.

At the entrance


We started by stopping by the planetarium -- and incredible journey through our solar system, galaxy, and beyond. Mom was concerned that it would be a bit dark and overwhelming to Charissa, but when we finished she pipped up, "That was fun! Can we do that again?!" [smile]

Andrew found a friend!

And yes -- some of you have noticed that he's back on the road with us! He's grateful for the opportunities and growth through his time at the boys camp, and is now seeking the Lord for continued direction in the coming year. We're thrilled to have him back -- and that he's committed to traveling with us through the our time in Branson!

So much to see! The displays are very well done with the museum following the Biblical timeline. Even the youngest ones found lots to look at and keep them interested!


Looking at the overview of the Museum.

Another highlight was getting to hear Buddy Davis' concert in the theater -- and getting to visit with him afterwards. He has a captivating style that made us all laugh, ponder, smile, and be challenged all at the same time! It was certainly a treat!

We thank the Lord for such a museum that gives testimony of His handiwork! If you're ever in the Cincinnati, OH area, it'd be well worth your time!

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are made,
even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,"
Romans 1:20

*Photos compliments of Hannah due to Bethany spending a few extra days in Virginia!


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

It sounds like you all had alot of fun!
I think the creation museum would be a great place to visit! What a blessing to have one with a biblical world view.

God Bless,


bassplayer7 said...

That's wonderful that ya'll we're able to stop at the museum. It's done incredibly and they did so well with explaining the two views!
I'm praying that the Lord will multiply your practice time as you prepare for Branson!

Caroline said...

I have always really wnated to go there as I've heard wonderful things about it. How fun it must have been for the little ones!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! The Creation Museum is SO exciting! I loved how they did everything so wonderfully Biblical and interesting! Our family is hoping to go back sometime in the near future:)
I'm glad you were able to stop in and see it!

~ An Indiana Aquaintance :)

Tori said...

We visited the Museum in August and were so impressed! We learned so much and had such a good time looking at all of the displays and reading everything. We especially enjoyed the Planetarium. My sister attends college in Kentucky so we will pass through Cincinatti often - we will be visiting there many more times in the future! =)

Hannah said...

We went to the Creation Museum in in May and LOVED it!! The planitarium was my personal favorite. Like you said, Buddy Davis is great - in fact, we're having him come sing and talk at our annual ND homeschool convention.

I'll be praying for you as you prepare for Branson!

Great pictures, Hannah! :-)

Anonymous said...

I went to the Creation Museum with my parent's, Grandma, my brother, and 3 of my niece's.


Anonymous said...

The planetarium show was a very impressive display, so wonderfully illustrating the vastness of the universe and the handiwork of God. With current light pollution limiting the quantity of stars we are able to see, it was quite a revelation to realize that "sand-upon-the-seashore" feeling as we traveled by arm-chair through the inky blackness of the many galaxies. We are glad you had the opportunity to visit it as well, also hope and pray your ministry in Branson will reach many souls this winter season. Blessings to you from the Oklahoma Chancellor family.

Anonymous said...

What a fun place. would love to vist the museum some day.

Daniel Turack said...

Looks like fun. Our family plans to visit there in December as part of our trip. We have quite a few of The Buddy Davis CDs so I hope we get to hear him live.

It's good to have you all at church again.

In Christ,