Friday, October 23, 2009

Bridal Showers

Last weekend was such a blessing! In preparation for Bethany's new home, she had three bridal showers -- each unique and special with dear local friends and family. Hannah and Abi's sister, Anna, did a great job capturing the moments to share with you...

The first was our church shower in Omaha, hosted by Abi's mom and sister...

Charissa loved helping open the gifts.

We're so thrilled that both grandmas could join us for the weekend (and Grandpa, too!)

Our church ladies made sure Bethany was 'well attired' with a hillarious game of questions.

Dan's mom, a gifted songwriter, shared a special song she'd written as a young lady just before marrying Phil Beasley

For those of you who know Bethany -- chocolate is a favorite gift! I'm sure Dan will enjoy these chocolate chips, too!!

Anna, Dan's sister, also hosted a shower for the Beasley side of the family. Complete with a gourmet brunch and creative games, it was such a special morning!

Opening gifts

Packing gifts

And finally, we had a Pampered Chef shower in our home with local friends. As Bethany prepares to set up a new kitchen, it was such fun to have our friend, Mandi, share cooking tips, tools, and demonstrations.

Bethany getting in on the action

And the wedding preparations continue! Many thanks to each of you who have been keeping that specifically in your prayers. Our greatest desire is that the Lord be glorified and honored by everything that takes place on December 19th and the preparations leading up to that day!

Oh! And we'd welcome you to get in on the fun of the bridal showers! As Dan and Bethany embark into this new season of life, they'll be learning and growing in so many ways. Do you have marriage advice for this young couple?!! Just for fun, leave them a comment!


Anonymous said...

The longest-married couple on the Guiness Book of Records gave this as the secret to a happy marriage...
Woman - "Never be afraid to say 'I'm sorry!'
Man - "No, that isn't it. The secret to a happy marriage is, 'yes, dear!'


Elizabeth said...

What enjoyable showers for Bethany! Bridal showers are such fun to go to and what a blessing to the bride-to-be! All three showers look like such a blessing! Thanks for sharing all the photos!

May the Lord bless you, Bethany, richly as you prepare for December 11th!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Anna Cotton said...

Congrats. I follow Bethany's blog, and I'm so excited for her.

I've only been married five years.

Marriage is the hardest work, harder than I thought it would be, but it's worth every second. I would never go back.

Anonymous said...

When we got married, our pastor told us the 3 most important things to say to one another:
1. I'm Sorry
2. I was wrong
3. Will you forgive me?

Anonymous said...

I think Bethany is positively glowing with happiness; you can just see in her lovely dark eyes. As for advice, I'm sorry I can't offer any because I'm still waiting for that Prince Charming!

Stephanie said...

First of all Congrats!! My adivse is to never go to be upset with each other, always make peace and forgive each other!!

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

How exciting that must be for you all! Thank-you so much for sharing.
I'm not yet married, so can't leave any advice; but I offer my congradulations to a couple who can say they have stayed pure and now may raise a family of their own, and teach them in the ways of the Lord!

Blessings to you both and your families!


Anonymous said...

In our walk with Christ, the thought has been shared, what brings true JOY to our hearts and lives is when we keep this perspective: Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last. That same advice is true with marriage. Seek God faithfully together from day one in that union. It is a good life with His blessing. We pray His light guides you in your new life as husband and wife.
Blessings from the Oklahoma Chancellor's

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I declare, Bethany! The closer you get to your wedding day, the more gorgeous you become!
My advice is to always keep God first in your marriage, and your spouse second:) But I'm sure you already know that!
~ An Indiana Aquaintance

The Pauls' Family said...

Looks like you have a great head start on setting up a household. My advice?

1.Look at life with an eternal perspective. What is going to matter for eternity? Some of the things we fret...worry...stand up...disagree...for and over really will not matter in light of eternity.

2. You cannot change your spouses heart...but you can change yours :)

The Eccentric Musician said...

Hi Wissmanns-

My siblings and I so enjoyed the concert you gave in Caledonia, Illinois!

Though I'm not married (yet!), these words by Barbara B. Hart are applicable to anyone:

"Be Thou the center of our least endeavor - Be Thou our Guest, our hearts and homes to share."

In Christ,
Jacob B.

Julie said...

What a wonderful and exciting time for Bethany!

Some tips -
Never be afraid to apologize.

Don't expect him to know what you're thinking.

Be forgiving.

Use humor to diffuse a situation.

Captured by Love said...

Remember to take time to communicate!!! I know at first it is easy, but then sometimes it is more difficult as life gets busier and married life gets more 'normal'!

Also, "Love and Respect" is a good book to read through!

That's my 2 cents worth of advice from being married about 3 1/2 years now! =)

Congratulations! I know you are excited! I have been working on scrap-booking my wedding pictures finally and LOVE to think back and wish I could do it all over because it was such a beautiful day!! =) Enjoy each moment!

God's Blessings, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

What fun!! :D So wonderful that Bethany is getting married!!!!!!! lol!

Anonymous said...

After you have children, make sure to continue to spend quality time together alone - talking, praying & enjoying each other's company. You will experience ups and downs but if you take time to communicate and appreciate each other you will overcome them. After 20 years of marriage I have learned to take the focus off of "my needs" or "my wants" and focus on my husband. Small acts of kindness go a long way. May the Lord bless you and Dan as you enter into this sacred covenant together!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bethany, I just found out yesterday talking to mom.... I am so happy for you ! ! ! I know you will always keep God first. It's that solid foundation that will keep your marrage strong :-) Always put his needs before yours and always be willing to serve him in any way (even when it's not easy). I hope you have a beautiful day.... Love Becky(Kotas)Degon :-)

P.S I guess I need to check your blog out more often to keep up with the family.... Looks great... God has richly blessed you all :-)

Kimberly Atnip said...

I'm a little late in replying because I haven't been on in a while...and I've been married 7 months!! But
#1 Pray together
#2 Communicate.

:) That is my advice.
Love you!
Kimberly Sorrell