Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sweet Corn!

Summer is in full swing here -- and with it, lots of yummy garden produce! We're so grateful to have a large garden this year! Our dinner table has recently been piled with fresh tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, ...and now, sweet corn! We spent yesterday putting up dozens of quarts of corn.

Our little helper!

Pickin' corn

The husking crew


And lots and lots of cutting!

This year we also had the fun of freezing corn into little pint bags. Our family has LONG outgrown that cute little size, but with Bethany preparing to set up her own home, and Josiah and Abi living nearby, we had lots of fun with pints!

"Here we are, servants today!

And the land that You gave to our fathers,
To eat its fruit and its bounty,
Here we are, servants in it!"
Neh 9:36


Anonymous said...

Wow! I just might be the first one to comment! :)
Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have all those fresh veggies... especially from your own garden?
We really enjoyed finally being able to have your family sing at our church... and to see you after all this time! The singing and music was beautiful, and the fellowship was even better. :)
God bless!
D for the Bradleys :)

oneofthebunch said...

Yum! Fresh shucked corn is soo good!


Ruth Ann said...

That's cute about the pints. =) I agree - I think pints and other small containers are so terribly cute, but don't work very well for larger families! [and we don't have as many people as you!] And fresh garden corn is so very good. =)

Caroline said...

What a bounty!

Anonymous said...

what fun.
are corn is not ready yet... as we live in north dakota.
you don't know me, i know you tho from going on your blog all the time:)... your a cool family. i have 8 brothers and sisters. i am the 3rd.
well gotta go.

( : DavidandKate : ) said...

Wow! The Lord really blessed ya'll's corn this year! It looks great!!! And it doesn't look like the worms got much either! Do you all spray it for worms or just see what happens?

Anonymous said...

We froze our corn a few weeks ago and ended up with about 80 bags (each bag held about 4 cups of corn.) How many pints did you have in the end? I'm sure it was a lot more than 80! :)Lord bless!
~ Kourtney ~

Kenna said...

Mmmmmmm........ looks delicious!

Elizabeth said...

Yesterday afternoon my grandmother, mother and I shucked, cooked, cut, and froze corn so we can have corn all winter long--yum!
I enjoyed seeing the photos & update!

May the Lord richly bless your family! ~Elizabeth

Arnie said...

I am deeply grateful that the corn matured enough to put up before you had to embark on your journey North. That is answered prayer!! And no ear worms! That IS a blessing! I am thankful.
Safe journey; safe return.
- Arnie

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that is a lot of corn!!


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

That corn looks so fresh and yummy! I've always wanted to grow some... :)
I love the pictures!
God Bless.
In His grip,

Blondie said...

An electric knife would be a time saver with all those corn cobs that need trimming. :)

Sure saved us time last year!

Anonymous said...

I just realized my sister left a post! Wow! I must say, though, I couldn't agree more!

And boy does that corn look good! 'Tis the most wonderful thing to store away home grown food for later use! I hope you all enjoyed it!

~ An Indiana Aquaintance :)