Saturday, July 11, 2009

Schedule Update

I am currently working on getting the rest of our 2009 Schedule finalized and on our website. We're looking forward to a couple large tours this summer/fall and I hope to get the details uploaded to our site soon! Until then, here are the details for this weekend...

Chandler Acres Baptist Church
7505 Chandler Acres Drive
Saturday, July 11 -- 6:00 PM
Bellevue, NE

Peace Lutheran Church
Sunday, July 12 -- 9:30 AM
Plymouth, NE
Stay tuned...

PS -- YES! For those of you who noticed the addition of our wonderful brother, Andrew, to the above picture, we did have a joyful (though all-too short) reunion with him last weekend. I hope to post an update on him soon. He covets your prayers!


Ashley said...

How wonderful to have Andrew back with you for a visit.Can't wait to have you at our church again. Ashley

Kenna said...

So good to see Andrew again. :) Can't wait for the update on him!