Monday, April 06, 2009

He is Faithful!

Finally! The final post of the NCHEA weekend -- such answers to prayer, testimonies of God's faithfulness, priceless moments, and unforgetable lessons! Here's a quick overview...

Our theme this year was WESTWARD -- Building our lives by God's Design. Traveling back in time to the untamed American northwest, we donned our cowpoke gear and had a foot-stompin', ye-hawin' great time! Yipee-yi-ky-yay!

We had right at 300 children register for the Conference this year -- our largest group ever. With almost 90 staff, the church was filled to the brim with smiling faces and lots of activity. The staff was an incredible answer to prayer. Although a handful of staff were unable to help at the last minute, God proved (literally last minute!) capable young people to fill the needed spots. What a blessing!

I had such a wonderful time leading the music and large group sessions. The children were so attentive and sang with such energy! To hear 300 children and 90 staff lifting praises with full voice is truly a priceless moment!

We had a very specific answer to prayer regarding the songs this year. We needed 4 songs for the weekend, keeping with our western theme and the spiritual truths we were trying to teach. As I sat and tried to write, I just wasn't coming up with anything worth using. A frustrating feeling!

Several ladies from church started praying for this specifically, and it was amazing to watch as each song was 'born'. Not even what I was thinking should be the message of the songs, but as I watched the drama and saw how the lyrics dove-tailed so much of what was being taught, I marveled at how much higher God's ways are than mine! He is so faithful!

Hannah was on a team for the first time this year and loved working with 'her' children.

Anna was such a blessing! As I didn't have sheet music for any of the songs, she spent literally hours upon hours learning to accompany for the large group.

Besides serving on a team, Matthias and Stephen were the villans once again in the drama. Their antics kept the crowd in stitches! For more about the drama, visit here.

Bethany's team, Bent's Old Fort
Each of the teams were named after a historical western fort.
The local "Sheriff" looked for every opportunity to spend time with a certain 'Kori'! We're so thankful she could join us for the weekend!

Ruth was a team leader, in addition to heading up the background props and video project. Seeing the children's smiles is so priceless!

Elizabeth was team leader for the sweet 'pre-school' team.

"Skeeter" added many humorous moments -- and a great lesson for the kids as the Conference concluded. Putting into practice what the kids had been learning through the whole weekend.

Just one of Matthias' million face expressions!

He is faithful to supply my need,
He is faithful to give me joy abundantly,
He is faithful to calm the storms of life for me.
He is faithful, He's all I need.
To God be all Glory!


Yvonne said...

Great photos! Looks like a great time :)

Les said...

Yea! More pictures! What fun memories of a great weekend! Thanks again for ALL the hard work your family put into the conference! You truly are a blessing!:)

Ashley said...

Thanks for the pictures!! That was a FUN weekend!! I know God taught me just as much as the children through the drama and songs, it was a great reminder!!

I do want to say that I was so amazed at how the songs really tied in so well with the drama and just reinforced it so wonderfully. Thanks for all you did to make Kid's Conference '09 a success!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful pictures! Again, it looks like a wonderful conference. :D

Kenna said...

Yeah, more pictures!!!! Looks like it was a lot of fun. What a joy to share with the younger kids.
Wish I could've been there.

Ruth Ann said...

wow, I would love to be there to hear one of Matthias' looks great! I love all the pictures, and it is a great testimony that so many young people were able to get together and be a blessing and a Godly influence on younger children. Praise the Lord!

oh and I do have to say, that Rachel's testimony about the songs is really precious. When I listened to the slideshow that Ruth put together, the music was my favorite part. I listened to it again and again, and the words really ministered to my heart. So thank you for listening to the call of God and giving your best, and letting Him direct your thoughts! You're a blessing in my life. =-)