Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Branson Day

The days are full -- and somewhat predictable -- here in Branson. In fact, we laugh at the fact that we've had more routine these past 6 weeks than the past several years put together! It's very different than life on the road!

And here's what a typical day looks like --

:: Morning smiles ::
(Because nobody else wanted to be photographed with the 'early look'!)

:: Time to Leave! ::
(When 7:00AM arrives, we all head for the theater)

:: First things, first ::
(Family devotions)

:: Psalms ::
(We've been greatly encouraged by the Psalms as we read and discuss a chapter each morning.)

:: Prayer Time ::

:: Sound Check ::

:: Tuning ::

:: Ticket sales ::
(I was so thrilled -- I finally figured out the ticket process, so I can run our ticket sales!)

:: Action! ::
(The show begins at 10am)

:: Patriotism ::

:: Caroling ::

:: Hillbillies!! ::

:: Little Drummer Boy ::

:: Songs of the Season ::

:: Heading Out ::
(Every day we sing at many restaurants to meet people and invite them to our show.)

:: Making a stop ::

:: Dinner music ::

:: Visiting ::

:: And finally -- LUNCH! ::
(We usually get back to the bus for lunch around 1:30PM)

:: MMmmmmm! ::

:: Activity ::
(From 2 - 4pm is usually free time -- spent with friends, visiting our ticket agents, resting.)

:: Show Samplers ::
(A couple nights a week we visit the timeshares to sing and share from 5-7pm)

:: Calling it a day! ::

"Trust in the LORD, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness."
Psalm 37:3


The Mayo Family said...

Hi! How nice to share your day...we all feel like you are so...far away & not really! We have missed getting to see ya'll! Lord willing soon! Our prayers shall continue for you all & for everything & that if one soul comes to know Him...praise HIM!
our love,
The Mayo family

Anonymous said...

How fun and nice! MMMM I love IHOP

Ruth Ann said...

I loved all the pictures and getting to see a 'day in your life' through pictures. Morning smiles...I know the feeling, but Charissa did quite well, she's so cute! Looking forward to more, whenever. :)

~Desiree~ said...

Busy days! But looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for this! Hope to see more photos soon! God bless you all!!!

Melanie said...

Hey Wissmann Family! I have been thinking about you all and am so happy to see this fun update! It would be great fun to actually see you in action there but this is the next best thing. God bless you all!

With love,
Melanie Darragh!! (I still am not used to writing that!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. It looks like a very busy time but not without some fun too. Looks like the kids are keeping up with the pace, but how are mom and dad doing? Besides avoiding getting their pictures taken? lol

Linda G~ND

tante Bou said...

Thanks for sharing about your family. It is so encouraging to come visit your blog~~it makes me walk away from the computer, rolling up my sleeves, ready to take care of our precious children! May the Lord continue to abundantly Bless you all!

~Pieter's queen and blessed mother of five

Stephanie said...

It looks like your family is keeping extremely busy. :D It does look like a lot of fun though.

Anonymous said...

That looks so fun! What's the hillbillies show about? I've been at I.H.O.P. It's really good! Nathaniel is so cute as your 'Little drummer boy' :) Thank you for posting these pictures!

~*~Amy's musings~*~ said...

thanks for sharing the pictures! i was wondering if your advenure every day would show up on here sometime soon. :D hope the rest of these next two weeks goes smoothly!

Kimberly Atnip said...

Hello Wissmanns!!!!
Sounds like you are a busy bunch. Looks like fun though! Hope you all are enjoying your time together. You'll look back on those days with good memories.
Blessings to you all!

Julie said...

It's so neat to see what you all do during your days, and how you spend so much time together as a family. It's too bad more families can't (or just don't) do that.

What a blessing, thanks for sharing!

Dan "the man" Beasley said...

WoW! Definitely sounds like you have a busy schedule, full of full days : ) I'll keep praying for you all, and those who attend your show.

Galatians 6:9 "And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."

The Ulmer Family said...

Thanks for the post, Rachel! How fun to get a glimpse of your Branson days!!!
We're praying for grace and strength for each member of your family; that you might finish strong-- only a few weeks left!!
We miss you guys!!
--The Ulmer Family

Jerry Ficke said...

Seeing these just makes me wish we could be back there with you again.
Looking forward to seeing you when you get home.

Anonymous said...

sweet!!! i'm glad things are going well! so neat to have a glimpse of your day! ~me

Anonymous said...

Hello from the Fuller's!
We just wanted to stop in and say a quick hello.
We enjoy seeing all the pic's and reading about your daily adventures.
We enjoyed the show so much and we are all singing right along with your CD's. Your family is an awesome testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness-- thank you all for blessing my family. ( a very special thank you to you, Gloria, your words of encouragement to me meant more than you'll ever know!)
We've been telling everyone about the beautiful family we met in Branson.
Blessings to you all~
Shelly from Tennessee