Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas in Seward

Announcing! For those of you unable to make the trip to Branson this Christmas, we are excited to be sharing a special edition of our 'show' in our hometown, Seward!

Here are the details...

High School Auditorium
532 Northern Heights Dr
Seward, NE
Saturday, November 29
7:30 PM

This concert is sponsored as a fund-raiser for the Chamber of Commerce, and is thus a ticketed event.

$8.50 at the door
$7.50 pre-bought (Contact Pat at #402-643-4189)
A family rate is also available!

We'd love to see you there!

"For who is God, except the LORD?
And who is a rock, except our God?
Therefore I will give thanks to You,
O LORD, among the Gentiles,
And sing praises to Your name."
2 Samuel 22: 32 &50


Stephanie said...

Oh, that would be so fun! I'm sure your home people will appreciate it. :D

Anonymous said...

That's not fair! Cause I live in Ontario. Guess I'll have to be okay with pictures. :) I'm sure the people of Seward and area will appreciate it. God bless you.

Amy said...

Oh, I would love to hear you but you are just too far away from Ohio:-P

God bless you and your family!

Josiah D. Wissmann said...

Can't WAIT for you all to be back! We miss you bunches! Count us in--with bells on! Well.....not quite, but almost! LOL!! Love you all!

~Desiree~ said...

I wish we lived in Seward. Next time do it in FLA!

Anonymous said...

how cool! wish i could be there. thanks for the picture post, it's great! :) ~me

Noelle said...

[sigh] I wish I could be there...

~*~Amy's musings~*~ said...

so you guys were amazing!!! don't you love to come back to your hometown? :D

Anonymous said...

I don't know your family personally, but get so much encouragement from reading your blog. Just received your new Christmas CD---we all enjoyed it, along with a couple of others we have recently purchased. God's blessings to your family.

Anonymous said...

Got my new CD today! Thanks. It's really good, not a suprise. Thank you, Abi, for sending it! May God bless you. ~Lisa