Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas in Seward

Announcing! For those of you unable to make the trip to Branson this Christmas, we are excited to be sharing a special edition of our 'show' in our hometown, Seward!

Here are the details...

High School Auditorium
532 Northern Heights Dr
Seward, NE
Saturday, November 29
7:30 PM

This concert is sponsored as a fund-raiser for the Chamber of Commerce, and is thus a ticketed event.

$8.50 at the door
$7.50 pre-bought (Contact Pat at #402-643-4189)
A family rate is also available!

We'd love to see you there!

"For who is God, except the LORD?
And who is a rock, except our God?
Therefore I will give thanks to You,
O LORD, among the Gentiles,
And sing praises to Your name."
2 Samuel 22: 32 &50

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joy to the World...

...the Lord is come,
Let earth receive her King!

Let every heart, prepare Him room,
And heaven and nature sing!

Joy to the World, the Savior reigns,
Let men their songs employ!

While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy!

He rules the world with truth and grace,
And makes the nations prove,

The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


...we are still alive and well in Branson!...and -- without much internet, making this blog sadly neglected. Thank you to all who check back here faithfully for recent posts! Bethany has been working to capture some fun stage moments for you, and I'm hoping to get them uploaded soon so you can see a glimpse of our time here. Stay tuned!

NOTE: For all of you friends who have ordered our new Christmas CD, we did have a delay on their arrival in Nebraska, where our sis-in-love is taking care of orders. The recording should be in by the end of this week, so look for your order in the mail sometime next week! Thank you for your patience!

"Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad;
And let them say among the nations, "The LORD reigns."
1 Chron 16:31

Friday, November 14, 2008


Life continues to be very full here in Branson -- and due in part to lack of internet at our campsite...and a temporary downage at the theater, this blog has been sadly neglected.

But lots has been happening, and we have daily praises and answers to specific prayers as we're seeing the Lord work in precious ways.

  • Health -- In spite of the changing of the seasons and cold season in high gear, we've escaped any of the bugs going around.
  • The Lord's drawing -- It is really in-explainable how we've been having such great crowds. This morning we had 82 people, and our average attendence is gradually climbing. The only way we can explain it is by the Lord's working and your prayers.
  • Clarity of Message -- We've been able to have good conversations with several people and are encouraged with the opportunities to share Jesus Christ!
  • God's Grace -- On Monday we arrived at the theater only to discover the electricity was down, the sewer backed up, and the heater off. And all this on the one morning we had a bus tour scheduled to come! As you can imagine, there was a flurry of activity, phone calls, etc... as we tried to get everything fixed. And thankfully, everything was ready by the time people started to arrive!
  • God's Timing -- We almost ran out of our advertising cards this week -- Praise the Lord, the new boxes arrived today, just as we were about to run out!

And these are just a few of the daily answers to prayer we have experienced over the past week. We cannot tell you how precious and encouraging it is to know you all are upholding us before the Throne. The days are full, the energy wanes at times, but we rejoice in the goodness of our God and the fellowship of His people!

"God be merciful to us and bless us,
And cause His face to shine upon us,
that Your way may be known on earth,
Your salvation among all nations."
Psalm 67:1-2

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tis the Season...

...for Christmas music! Well, almost! [smile]

At any rate, our new recording showed up in the mail this past weekend! Our prayer is that this would be a blessing to you during this holiday season. What a joyous event to celebrate -- the birth of our Savior!

You can order "Joy to the World" here!

"Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice:
and let men say among the nations,
The LORD reigneth."
1 Chron. 16:31

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Branson Report

Have you ever known beyond a shadow of a doubt that people are praying for you?! Have you seen the Lord do amazing things because of other's prayers?!

That's exactly what we experienced in a wondrous way yesterday, during our first Branson show. After a [very] discouraging rehearsal on Sunday afternoon, we headed to the theater Monday morning praying. Knowing we needed a touch from the Lord. Feeling [very] inadequate.

We spent some time in prayer and family Bible time before the doors opened. And then we knew that people were praying for us....

We had far more people come than we expected. With so many shows in this city, getting the word out about new shows in town is a tedious and difficult task. Other groups we talked to had only a small handful (2 to 6 people) come to their first show. So we were greatly encouraged with the 22 who walked through the door!

And we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that friends were praying for us. The songs, interaction with the crowd, and message on our hearts to share came through much clearer than we were even hoping. The people left sharing their gratefulness and words of encouragement.

Do keep us in prayer -- as every day is another step of faith and stretching experience. Our show goes from 10:00 - 11:30 every morning, and we cannot tell you how grateful we are for your prayers!

And a post isn't complete without just a few pictures....

We are camping at the Wilderness Campground in the beautiful Branson hills -- home for the next two months!

Seven of us older ones were blessed to head back to Nebraska to help celebrate a friend's wedding on Saturday -- and guess who caught the football, and then the bouquet?!

:: the ole' time carolers ::

Now as we look forward to this week filled with singing and ministering, we still covet your prayers and can't tell you thank you enough for your part in our lives. May God richly bless and reward you for your impact in our lives!

"O LORD God of hosts,
Who is mighty like You, O LORD?
Your faithfulness also surrounds You."
Psalms 89:8