Monday, October 27, 2008

Video Adventures

With the opportunities of Branson quickly approaching, we've also been working on an additional! For our Christmas Show in Branson, a 10 - 15 minute pre-show video is recommended, so we've been learning lots about lighting, video cameras, scripting, interviews, computer capabilities, patience, and perseverance!

With Bethany's eye for angles, lighting, and colors, she spent many hours capturing home life, interviews, and candid traveling moments.

We are so grateful for a couple dear friend who have jumped in to help us with this project -- Abi's dad, Paul Rehm, who has many years of experience in Christian Radio did all our narration voice-overs. I didn't realize the spoken voice could be such an art, but he turned our simple script into a a rich-sounding masterpiece with his warm, deep voice. Thank you, Mr. Rehm!

And finally -- after wadding through the video editing process on our elementary computer program, we had a huge answer to prayer as a friend from Ohio willingly offered to help us put the whole thing together. Thank you, Christopher!

Please pray for us as we finish this project as the deadline of November 3rd comes ever nearer! May the Lord truly be glorified. We are humbled and so grateful for so many of the body of Christ upholding us in this new venture!

"NOT unto us, O LORD, not unto us,
But to Your name give glory,
Because of Your mercy,
Because of Your truth." Psalm 115:1


Stephanie said...

Looks exciting! God always provides and will continue too! :D

KateB said...

Is there any chance that those of us who won't make it to Branson will get to see the video?

Noelle said...

Yeah Rachel -- what about all of us who aren't going to make it to Branson? :) (hope hope hope)

~*Lisa*~ said...

Same here! I'd like to see what you exactly you're going to do.
Pleeeeaaaassse..... :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, and yes, I'll be praying you and you're audience will be blessed. ~*Lisa*~

Ruth Ann said...

wow, that's amazing!! May God richly bless you through all the preparations and may His light shine through! Can't wait to hear more. :)

Anonymous said...

God bless y'all. Kimberly.