Saturday, October 18, 2008


In addition to studio work this week, we've had our hands full of sewing projects! With our Branson show to start in just over two weeks, our piles of fabric for singing dresses, nativity and ol' time caroler costumes have been needing drastic attention.

What a BLESSING it was to experience the teamwork and willing help from several friends on Thursday! Loaded with an army of machines, two sergers, scissors, and more sewing notions than I could mention, these ladies spent the day cutting, measuring, ironing, and.....well, you get the idea! [smile] The sewing room was buzzing with activity and lively conversation all day long!

Thank you for your cheerful help, ladies!






And with a couple 'mommys' on the crew, our girls were delighted with the job of babysitting!

We're still working on some final sewing projects, but the bulk of it is done -- and we are so grateful! In a few short weeks, we'll be posting pictures of the costumes and dresses as we prepare for November 3rd.

"In the Kingdom of God, service is not a stepping-stone to nobility:
it is nobility,
the only kind of nobility that is recognized"


simplysanctified said...

What a blessing to have so many willing hands and hearts ready to serve!

Lisa said...

Teamwork is truly beautiful! Whatever would you have done without so many willing hands? :)

Pine Pod Farm said...

How fun! It's always nice to have those kinds of friends.

cowgirlE said...

What fun! I love big sewing parties!

Brittney said...

now THAT was fun :)

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see the finished products!

Anonymous said...

wow...looks like fun! i can't wait to see everything when it's done!!:) God bless you as you are busy getting so many things ready for the show! ~me

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the final products!!!!!!!! Kimberly.

Ruth Ann said...

sewing is always fun when you have such great friends to do it with!! Glad you were successful and I look forward to seeing those outfits!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to see these new outfits. How in the world can we get tickets to this show? TFP :)

Kay said...

The new sunroom looks like the perfect place to sew. Next time you need to plan a piecing/quilting party.