Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer Activities

The heat of our midwestern summer has brought the fresh garden produce in abundance this year! Last week a few of our days were filled with the sight and smell of sweet corn! With thanks to our farmer friends, we had piles and piles to transfer from the field, to the kitchen, to the freezer. Oh, the taste of fresh corn!


Our happy picker



Our outdoor kitchen

The little factory!
"And sow fields and plant vineyards,
That they may yield a fruitful harvest."
Psalm 107:37


Margaret Neufeld said...

Yep, looks like summer!

Anonymous said...

It looks like so much fun! I wish I could do it too. ^^

Anonymous said...

You really have been busy! First all the apples, now all the corn. That really is a lot of corn!! No wonder you haven't been blogging!
God bless, Lisa.

Stephanie said...

Ummm, corn. Delicious!