Monday, July 07, 2008

Ukraine Week 4

This week the Ukrainian update was written by Joshua Dasher, one of the young men on the team:
Another fantastic week at CMO has come to a close! As always we learned many new things this week. The first several days of this week were spent praying for electricity. An extremely intense storm had swept through L'viv, and while the power had returned in the city, it was out for several days in the country. The problem was that we needed to go to the country and spend time at the Beals' house in order to complete the chalk art course. After spending a few days doing ministry in the city and praying for power (literal and figurative!) the electricity finally returned and we all headed out to the Beals' house in the country nearby L'viv. The next few days can be summed up in a few words: "good food and the color blue." Thanks to the Beals and the hard work they put into caring for us we feasted like kings (a.k.a. no Ramen!) all week.

We all spent the rest of the time there discovering our inner artists thanks to Christie Ballmann and her excellent instruction in the art of chalk drawing. What we did not realize is that your inner artist only comes out after you have been coated in a fine layer of blue chalk dust. (Most of the team is still sneezing the color blue.) We spent from nine in the morning until five at night in a small room drawing with chalk and learning about rocks, trees, perspective, black lights, colors, composition, and all other things pertaining to artistic design.

It was Friday by the time we had completed the course, and our instructor only had one full day remaining with us, so she decided that she would do several chalk drawings in L'viv on Saturday. It was incredible to see God work through an artist's hands to share messages about Him. At one point she was drawing for a crowd of over fifty people.

A single chalk presentation usually lasts about 15 minutes, after which team members chat with people from crowd and distribute Gospel literature. To read more highlights of the week and for specific prayer requests, please visit here.


Lady Ruth Ann said...

praise the Lord for His working!! :)

Enjoy the blue dust. :)

Stephanie said...

Wow! Those are beautiful chalk drawings!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog - I just found it last week. It is uplifting and refreshing. God bless your family in His work.