Thursday, February 14, 2008

What I Love...

...about family life --

:: smiles ::

:: teamwork ::

:: laughter ::

:: kindness ::

:: hugs ::

:: energy ::

:: kisses ::

:: discovery ::

:: time with eachother ::

"How good and how pleasant it is
when brethren dwell in unity."
Psalm 133:1


~Tori~ said...

Great pictures! Looks like you're having a lot of fun! :)

Goldfish said...

Oh my goodness!!! that has got to be the greatest post of all time! Love all the pictures! Thank you so much!!! Absolutely love the 'discovery, smiles and energy' pictures!!
Missing you guys tons!


shuttersbuddy said...

Very nice pictures! I suppose Bethany took them?

Stephanie said...

I love the family atmosphere and love that is displayed in the pictures. Great pictures!

Julie said...

Such sweet pictures!!

Sarah said...

Family - one of the most important relationships on earth, and it looks like you all have a very close one!

I enjoyed the photos! Thank you for sharing. :)


miss--me said...

Love all the pictures! The picture of Carissa is absolutly priceless!!!!! She's so addorable! What a little blessing! THe last pic is really sweet too! And so is the first one!!!! YOu can certainly see Carissa gets alot of love and attention!!!

*tink* said...

Bethany these pictures are beautiful!!!!I praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Great post. It was awsome having ya'll here.

Margaret Neufeld said...

Why do you guys get all this nice warm weather?

The Chmelars said...

i love the last picture:)
sounds like you are having a great time!!
Grace Chmelar

Anonymous said...

That is a really precious post! We love the little glimpses in, especially when your away! SOMEBODY, sure captures the moments well, it's almost as good as being there! :) Missing you!

Love to all,
The Rehm's

Anonymous said...

How sweet! You have a great family

Marissa Whitney said...

Cute pictures, cute post!

Anonymous said...

What a great family! I praise God for all that He's doing in & through your family. You were a big encouragement to me & my family of 13 when you sang at our church in OK. We really enjoyed it!:)Thank you for your faithful service to our dear Lord & Savior.
I am praying God will continue to watch over you and pour His blessings on you & your ministry.
Keep up the good work!

A fellow servant in Christ,
Julie(age 19)