Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ordinary Days

I'm going to make an assumption. Assuming that you are interested in a glimpse of ordinary days. Those happenings that aren't exactly earth-shattering or life changing, but it is the stuff that trips are often made of.

Namely, this week we have had many adventures...
  • Folding, stamping and labeling our 1,500 newsletters in a small hotel room.
  • Fixing our broken sound board.
  • Spending an afternoon parked at a Home Depot to work on various bus repairs.
  • Making three gallons of granola and 4 gallons of yogurt.
  • Scrubbing up a crock-pot full of beef stew from our new carpet (caution to the kitchen crew while traveling through the South Carolina hills)!
  • Trying to get our clothes clean in a laundrymat with cigarette smoke hanging heavy in the air.

And chool, meals, and family devotions, which are always a steady constant.

We also keep up an additional search -- looking for ways to get fresh air and exercise. This is usually a challenge with an irregular schedule and unfamiliar surroundings. With a surprise birthday gift from Dad and Mom, we've discovered a new favorite form of exercise -- tennis! Now if we could just figure out how to aim that ball!! [smile]

Hopefully we'll have more 'ordinary day' photos to post soon.... stay tuned!

"From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same,
the name of the Lord shall be praised!"
Psalm 113:3


Anonymous said...

Were are you guys at right now that you are playing tennis? Here in Iowa we're getting a snow storm!

Anonymous said...

I like hearing about ordinary days!!! And tennis is such fun. I too, often stand on the court wondering HOW to aim that ball! :)
Such beautiful sunshine in the photos...rain is dripping outside the windows here in Virginia.

~Tori~ said...

I enjoy reading about ordinary days! Sounds like fun! :) Looks like beautiful weather....wish we could have a day like that instead of a bunch of snow!

Stephanie said...

I like hearing about your ordinary days. Tennis is fun but I have the same problem--aiming the ball. I agree that it looks like beautiful weather. Here in Canada we are having ice rain.

Bethany said...

My family and I love tennis. It's a great form of exercise

Anonymous said...

Cute skirt Rachel!! Is that one of the ones that you made on your big "skirt day"?
Anna B.

two from the pew said...

Rachel, we like the ordinary day stuff too. Yea, we are also digging out of snow as well. It's nice to see what the sun really looks like since it's been days since we have see it. We were thinking that you were giving us an exaggerated picture when you were talking about aiming the ball. By the looks on the faces of "Gap guy" and "Mr. Universe," it looked like you were giving them a run for their money. But then we noticed the deciding clue that we feel gives credence to your story. On your hip we see your phone. Professional tennis players don't play with their phone attached to them unless this is a new thing. I know that you were waiting for a text message about your gift but it could have been set off to the side were someone could have stepped on it. Just a thought and comment.

The Marshall Artists said...

We haven't quite got the hang of tennis either...usually only one or two passes over the net happen before the ball is hit to the outfield...or is it 'out of bounds'...?
Enjoy the sunshine!


sofia said...

Sometimes I think ordinary days are the best. But then, how do you classify an ordinary day??
I wish it would snow here:(I have a six year old who doesn't know what snow is. He has only seen it in the picture books. Having said that, he takes 104ºf very well,as long as there's a hosepipe nearby. Good weather is always an advantage when away from home.
Praying that all continues well. Thank the Lord for this so far fruitful trip. Keep up up the good work.

KarenW said...

Amen to that! Growing up in a Pastors family our days consisted of a lot of variety sometimes.
After out-of-the-ordinary days or weeks, it is nice to settle in to "ordinary days".
Right now I have found a new "ordinary days" mode as I settle into married life. If that makes any sense.

Happy Be-lated birthday Rachel! may the lord bless you richly in the coming year.


rehm family said...

We sure enjoy having a glimpse into your 'ordinary days'. Somehow you don't seem quite as far away?! Though we are still missing you bunches! :) Praying for each of you, as you begin another prison crusade. May Jesus Christ be your hope and stay!

We love you,
The Rehm's

DUSTYNNE said...

Very interesting. And I hope you got that beef stew out of the carpet!!! :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

wow tennis sure is fun!
I love playing..i still have a problem about aiming the ball!

I hope and pray you have a safe trip!