Friday, February 15, 2008

Carolina Hills

Last night we turned the bus towards the Carolina hills and made our way through some dense forest and winding roads. Our destination was Fair Play Wilderness Camp -- a ministry working with troubled boys through lots of hands-on outdoor adventures, a loving family atmosphere, and godly men to teach and train in the ways of the Lord.

We went preparing to give, but drove away feeling our cups spilling over. The boys enthusiastically opened the evening by singing us a song -- "This Old House." The rafters rang as their voices filled the room. Then they sat in rapt attention as we picked up our instruments and began.

Dad shared a short object lesson using our various instruments. Using Scripture, he talked about just as each instrument needs to be in tune with itself, so we individually need to be 'in tune' with our Creator -- living to honor Him. As an illustration, they loved hearing each of the instruments played separately, eagerly guessing the names of each one.

Then he shared that in addition to being 'in tune' to the Lord, we are also the body of Christ, corporately-- and each one is needed to fulfill the mission, working in unity. Things don't work well if we all do our own thing, as our ear-throbbing musical "song" illustrated. *cringe!*

It's as we share the love of Christ and work together that HE is most glorified!

What a special evening!

"...Christ --from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love." Ephesians 4:16


Stephanie said...

What a wonderful analogy. That is a great way to bring a message across.

Sara N. Smith said...

Sounds like a spectacular evening - where God was in the midst!

KarenW said...

Wow, What a blessing! I love seeing young people get excited for the Lord. And it is a joy to to know that you touched a life for Jesus. God bless you all!


~Tori~ said...

I pray that each and every person who was present was ministered to! Praise the Lord for His wonderous love! :)

~*~Amy's musings~*~ said...

how awesome is God to reasure you in your ways and actions??? i'm certainly glad that He's in control and not me! :D

rehm family said...

That example your dad gave sounds like one we did before! :) We are praying for you all. Thank you for keeping in touch even when you're so many miles away! Missing all of you!

We love you,
The Rehm family

DUSTYNNE said...

That was an awesome post, Rachel!