Monday, December 31, 2007


As several of you have inquired as to our upcoming 2008 schedule I realize we're significantly 'past due' for an update. We are still working to finalize some dates but hope to have our schedule page updated very soon.

For now, here is a basic overview for the following months:

Jan. 2-23 :: Home to work on the bus

Jan. 24-26 :: Oklahoma dates

Jan. 27-31 :: We Care Prison Crusade, Alabama

Feb. 6-10 :: Gospel Express Prison Crusade

Feb. 12 - 19 :: South Carolina Dates

Feb. 20 - 22 :: Georgia Dates

Feb. 23 - March 11 :: Florida Dates

March 14 - 15 :: ND Homeschool Convention

We are also currently scheduling into the Spring/Summer, so if it would be a blessing for us to come to your area in 2008, please contact us!

Stay tuned....and thank you for your patience! [smile]


Lady Ruth Ann said...

Where in Florida will you be?? That sounds really exciting!!!

In Christ,
Ruth Ann

Doogie J. said...

We will have nice weather for you here in Florida. Looking foward to seeing you in Orlando!

your groupies said...

It would be a blessing for you to come to our area in 2008. Do you think you could work that in? :D

Rachel said...

Ruth Ann -- As of now we will be spending most of our time in central Florida, Orlando area. :)

Stephanie said...

I hope you plan to come to Ontario again this year.

Anonymous said...

What area of Georgia will you be in February? Curious to know if it would be close to where my family lives. :)


Sarah said...

Hello, some friends of yours gave us your last newsletter and we have been reading your journal. I was wondering what your family does exactly and if you ever came to Mississippi?