Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hannah's Haircut

It's here! The long-awaited day has arrived!

For the past months, Hannah has been looking forward to giving her long hair to Locks of Love -- an organization that provides children cancer patients with hairpieces. With a minimum length of 10 inches needed, we've been measuring, combing, measuring, trimming, -- and measuring yet again -- for the past several weeks, just waiting for it to grow long enough for the 'big day'.


After a final wash and combing, we measured out the needed inches, took a final look in the mirror and a deep breath......

...and started styling the new look!

Now her ponytail is en route to Florida where we hope it will bring a smile to a child's face. And Hannah is smiling, too, enjoying the new feel of cute layers. Reminded that -- as always -- "It is more blessed to give that to recieve." Acts 20:35

The new 'do'!
Love ya, Hannah!


The Bontrager Family Singers said...

Oh wow Hannah!! You look so different!! I love the new look! That's so sweet that you are giving your hair to others...I did that too about 5 years ago and I remember it felt "so different" to have lost what seemed like all my hair! :)
We miss you all!:) Everyone says hello!
~Chelsy for the Bontragers

Fox Family said...

That is so sweet. God bless all you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

You did a really great job on the cut!


That is so sweet of Hannah to give her hair! The new cut looks really nice! :)

Anonymous said...

popcorn (hannah)
i love it,but it does look different.
love you,piggy (grace)

Doogie J. said...

Hannah, that is so great how you were truely able to give of yourself for someone else. God is smiling!

Goldfish said...

How cute!!!!! I absolutely adore your hair Hannah (and that you did Locks of Love!)!!! can't wait to see it! (in 195 days :)

~Bryant said...

The new "do" is too sweet! Great job on the cut, (Rachel, I'm assuming, did it?).
I donated about 12 inches to Locks of Love several years ago.
How fun to think that some young girl might be enjoying one's hair right now! :)

Sara N. Smith said...


The Ansons said...

Hannah- That cut makes you look SOOO grown up! May the Lord bless you as you become a godly young lady. (YOu have several good examples to follow in your sisters!)

esther Beasley said...

I can't wait to see you in person!
sooo cute

gandelr said...


gandelr said...

forgot to type out the rest of GREAT JOB before i hit send
and love your new du
or as some would say love that du you do

Stephanie said...

The hairdo looks really different but beautiful. The hair went to a really good cause. :) Good job Hannah!

rehm family said...

Oh, it looks so adorably darling, Hannah! And so grown up! But the most beautiful part about it is your heart to bless someone else. You're laying up eternal treasure, and that's the most precious treaure there is!!

Love you,
The Rehm's

BrittLeigh said...

Oh, I love it!!! Looks so sweet and becoming... and how neat that she could donate her hair.

Jessica Mayo said...

hey,Hannah! your new haircut is so cute! My sisters and I have donated to locks-of-love several times now and cant wait to do it again soon. We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us so that we are able to do this. Are anymore of your sisters going to donate? Love from Wisconsin!

Gods little girl said...

It looks good!!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet love gift to bless those less fortune during this special season. I surely learn to introduce something like this to my family to participate. Thank you for sharing and may God greatly bless Hannah's generosity ^_^
By the way, I'm just learning how to cut my family's hair, any good book or material suggestion for me to learn?

Lady Ruth Ann said...

that is such a cute hair cut Hannah!! I love it!! :) Wish I had a sister that could do that for me - I love the layers!! :) Thanks for sharing and being a blessing to others. :)

And, for the sister (I'm assuming) who did the hair cut...is there a particular term that you'd use for that if you went to a 'place' to get your hair cut?


Ruth Ann

Rachel said...

Hello to Ruth Ann and Annie!

Thank you for your kind comments about Hannah's haircut. I have greatly enjoyed learning various aspects of hair cutting, layering, etc... over the past years -- mostly by watching others work. And I have alot of brave sisters who let me practice. :)

I don't know of any books/videos I could recommend -- as I personally haven't used any. Perhaps try finding someone whose hairstyle you admire and ask them where/how it was done. If possible, have yours done the same way and watch the technique carefully!

I don't know that Hannah's style has a paticular term. Most stylists work well from pictures -- when you go to have your hair styled, bring a along a picture of what you're hoping for!

Hope this is helpful! I'm still learning, too....so if you find a resource that is helpful, please pass on the info! :)

Rejoicing in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

I think it's so great that you decided to give up something so precious for someone in need. Locks of Love is truly a great program and someone very lucky will be blessed with your gift.
The new hair cut looks so cute!

Hannah said...

It looks wonderful! :) That's a really good cause to help with! I've been wanting to do that (give my hair for Locks of Love) for some time...my hair seems to be Good job cutting her hair Rachel! I cut my sisters' hair too...I've learned from watching others as well. :) One thing I recommend doing is going along with someone when they get their hair cut and watch the stylist carefully. A lot of times I've found the stylists very willing to give you advice, and one lady actually showed me how to do a few techniques while she was cutting my Mom's hair. :) It's a very in-exspensive way to learn the art of hair-cutting. :)

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Thank you for replying, I really appreciated that. Is it fine with you if I used the picture of Hannah? Trying to search for a picture is a nightmare if you want something decent. And I definitely see the benefit of a picture because last time I couldn't seem to explain what I really wanted. I didn't know that they could really just do it from a picture though.
Thank you for your help!! Have you ever cut your own hair?

In Christ,
Ruth Ann

Rachel said...

Hi again, Ruth Ann!

Yes, you are more than welcome to use Hannah's picture. :) I'm glad it is helpful for you!

And I do cut my own hair -- it was a little tricky at first. But when I was unsure of the whole layering process I felt more comfortable experimenting on myself rather than my sisters!! And my hair isn't very thick, so it's easy to manage. That does help!! :)

Happy haircutting -- and thanks for your great questions!


Gem said...

Wow, that's really amazing! I hadn't heard of this in my life.

Anonymous said...

Thank to Rachel and Hannah for your great input of haircuting by learning from the hair stylist. I'll try to pay attention on that next time when I go to the beauty salom.
In fact, we just bought our first hair cut kit yesterday at Costco, and it comes with a DVD with the simple haircutting technique, I pray that God gives me the wisdom and courage to learn this.

-Annie ^_^

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Rachel - thank you so much!

It was easier for you to cut your own hair instead of someone else's at first?

Now that seems to me like it would be more challenging...especially with layers.

Thank you for your help - I really appreciate it.

In Christ,
Ruth Ann

Rachel said...

Ruth Ann --
No, it actually wasn't easier to cut my own hair first. It's much easier to work on others!

But as I'd already mastered the 'straight cut' look, I wanted to experiment with layers. I figured I could live with my own mistakes better than practicing on my sisters! ;)


Charisma said...

it looks great I love! you did it for a wonderful cause. and Rachel great job of the cutting

Charisma For the Sahlstrom's

Anonymous said...

great new look hannah! rachel... you are impressing me girl! :)
i cut my dad's hair(you can't really mess up on his hair!) and tim's hair some times but that's about it. i'm trying to get ahold of chris's hair but he's not to sure about my 'ability'. :)
great jog! tiff

Anonymous said...

i ment job! :)

~Aleksandra~ said...

Your hair is really cool! I love it!

I'm going to get 10 inchs cut off my hair, too.


Amy said...

My sister and I sent our hair to Locks of Love almost 3 years ago when we found out my Grandpa had colon cancer.