Monday, October 01, 2007

A Treasure Hunt

Our semi-annual 'treasure hunt' has once again commenced. Combining the search for colors, sizes, styles, and over-all coordination -- this hunt for new singing outfits is certainly not your 'everyday' shopping excursion!

Thankfully, we already have most of the pieces from a previous 'end of season' sale -- and the fabric has been cut out for the younger girls' dresses to be sewn this week (thank you, Bontragers). But we're still praying for a missing piece to be discovered. A autumn/floral skirt to complete the trio we have already purchased.

We have had this situation before with one of our favorite outfits. Searching the original stores brought no success -- after all, who would have the missing piece several months after it'd been clearanced? After praying about the situation, we finally discovered the missing skirt for sale on e-bay!

So this brings us to one of our 'most unusual' blog posts ever -- both a prayer request and an invitation to join in our search! Here's what we are looking for: this Christopher & Banks skirt [pictured below] in any size (we have our sewing machine along)!

Thanks in advance for your prayers and help! Aren't you grateful that our God cares about even the little needs in our lives?

See?!? I warned you this would be our most unusual post ever! [smile]


rehm family said...

We'll keep our eyes peeled! :) And pray that God will cause it all to come together. May He abundantly supply your need, according to His riches in glory! Can't wait to hear...

We miss you!

With our love,
The Rehm's

Anonymous said...

That's a really cute skirt

Dustynne said...

I'll be on the lookout!

Goldfish said...

[Sigh] I LOVE Christopher and Banks skirts!! I haven't gone shopping since I got here, but I might be going this weekend! I'll be on the look out! :) (Maybe if there's an extra, I'll keep it for myself. :)

Jessica said...

What a cute skirt...makes me want to go clothes shopping! Is the skirt cordaroy? I really hope you can find everything your looking for. Love- Jessica Mayo;)

Jessica said...

I'll be helping you look!!

Marissa Whitney said...

If you still need another skirt like that, we have a size 8 you may have if you like. You can email me at morelovetothee [at] gmail [dot] com. We are on the way back to the Bluewater Bridge from where you are right now.

Stacie said...

That skirt is so adorable! I love the colors! Your blog is really neat! I found it through Morgan's.
Visit mine if you like!