Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sitting with a young couple enjoying their precious baby boy. A teenager plops on the grass beside us.
"This man loves the Lord" remarked the husband. The teenager looked at me and quickly replied, "Ah, my friend here loves the Lord -- and I love him for it." The sincerity rings in his voice.
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Walking into the kitchen to grab a drink of water while three young men stand around talking. "Ya know, the other day I was reading in Matthew..." Scripture filling the conversations as they stirred one another on to love and good works.
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A group of over a dozen girls gathered around the piano. Our voices lifting together in song as one by one they call out the names of our favorite worship songs. Hearts rejoicing after moments of fellowship -- and even some one-on-one prayer time. Hugging goodbye.
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Without a camera to capture these priceless moments, this is a glimpse of our weekend with Gospel Lighthouse Church, located on the Ontario shore of Lake Erie. We were so abundantly blessed by the spiritual eagerness, warm fellowship, and generous hospitality of these dear friends. (We miss you all!!!)

And since Bethany did take some pictures of the weekend I can't complete a post without a few of her great shots...

We're thankful for one of our smoothest boarder crossings ever. An answer to prayer as we were tight on time!

Getting close to the waves of Lake Erie.

Charissa enjoyed her first 'tree climbing' experience.

The ever-favorite game: volleyball...

...with soccer a close second (for those with lots of energy)!

Daddy sharing the 'Family Life Seminar'. Often during his teaching sessions we older children are involved with a companion children's ministry, so are unable to hear him. This weekend was a real treat for us as we were able to listen to all four sessions. I was personally challenged to hear the principles that were shared -- and once again reminded how thankful I am for the commitments my parents have made over the years.

Again, thanks to everyone for your prayers. We have really sensed the Lord's blessing over this past week. God is at work in Ontario -- and now we look forward to returning to the States soon.

"Our Lord calls us to no special work--He calls us to Himself."
--Oswald Chambers

Note: The Lord also provided an amazing answer to prayer over the weekend. We're still working on the final details to share with you, so stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

We were one of the families that were Blessed from Above by being able to be in Port Burwell over the weekend! It was extremely encouraging to see your godliness and your love for one another! We have learned alot from the seminar and are amazed at how God teaches us at just the RIGHT time!
We are enjoying your CD "Going Home' and have pretty much mastered the tunes, now the words...

God Bless you as you continue to live for the Lord!

warmly, Becky ~my dear Husbands queen and blessed mother of four precious boys (6, 3, 2, and 8 months)

Nancy Wiebe said...

I was one of the girls singing around the piano, and would like to say that you guys were beyond just being a blessing to me. I loved every minute of being with you. And to Rachel, your piano playing was a real inspiration to me to keep learning. Thus far I have been teaching myself and I always benefit from watching better players go at it. Thanks for everything. :-)

KarenW said...

You were a real blessing to us all! I was so blessed by the sincerity you all had, and that what you had was real! We saw Jesus in You.

God bless you all!
It was great getting to know you all.
I shall keep you in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Glad everything went so well!

Coeur d'Court said...

Glad your trip is going well. You are a blessing to us too. :) Come home soon!

Margaret Neufeld said...

Wow, thank you so much! It really encourages us when people are so encouraged by us. It feels like the weekend was far too short. We're constantly hearing praise reports about how God spoke to many fathers and how so many families of our youth that don't usually attend enjoyed the seminar. By allowing God to use and work through you, you have touched the hearts and lives of so many. Thank you! God bless you as you continue to be faithful in your ministry and work for the advancement of His kingdom.
I see Bethany even got me in a picture of the soccer game.
Keep smiling:)

The Bontrager Family Singers said...

Hello Wissmanns!
How fun to see photos of you all in Canada! It sounds like you were a blessing to many once again. Much love from our family to yours!
Chelsy for the Bontragers

Anonymous said...

hi! this is eva from the Gospel Lighthouse church and as you already know, you guys were a BLESSING to us here. Im already looking forward to you guys coming agian. (smile) you can't know how much God has used in my life.

oh and Ruth, thankyou for encouraging me to pursue my goal to play the flute. i have already looked around and am on the brink of purchasing one. i'll remember what you said...just maybe, we'll be able to play a duet the next time you come. (smile)

God bless you to the fullest!

Goldfish said...

Wow, sounds like you had an awesome time! That pic of Charissa is so adorable, goodness, she is getting SOOOO big! Can't wait to hear the awesome answer to prayer! I'll stay tuned! (BTW, when I was at Christopher & Banks this past weekend, I didn't see that skirt :):, but I did find one to wear for myself! :D

Grace said...

Hi there. I'm Nancy. I talked to one of you girls while there about how our 5 year old had been inspired to sing by your little boy. I was hoping to meet you all yet and have our children meet your little singers, but the church just got too crowded and busy. Anyway, we were very blessed to have you come. May God continue to greatly bless your family and keeping shining for Jesus!

DUSTYNNE said...

Looks awesome!!! I'll be anxiously awaiting the answer to prayer you promised to post!
Even though I wasn't there at the seminars...you are all a blessing to me, too!!!!! (You can be sure of that!)



rehm family said...

Oh! It is such a delight to get to hear your testimonies, and all the lives God touched through you all! We can echo their comments...you are a blessing! Thank you for the great quote! :) We sure miss you, come back as soon as you can!

Our love and prayers,
The Rehm's

Stephanie said...

Dear Wissmans,
I also was one of the girls that sang around the piano and I also received a tremendous blessing. Singing with you and hearing the harmony inspires me to sing at home and my sisters and I sing a lot more together now. Rachel, your piano skills also really blessed me and are keeping me encouraged to keep practicing for the glory of the Lord. Bethany, I really appreciated that you talked with me and I just want you to know that you really blessed my heart in a special way. May God richly bless each and every one of you.

Melodiousheart said...
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Melodiousheart said...


This is Melodie here. I was extremely blessed my your family. I so enjoyed singing around the piano with you girls and getting tips from Rachel on piano playing!!! You will never know until you reach heavens shores how much you blessed our congregation! You Inspired me and many others to keep on for Jesus! I enjoyed every moment we spent together and the supper and fellowship we shared Sunday Night!!!! Thank you so much

Blessings to you and you household!

Your Sister in Christ,

PS. I look forward to hearing how God has answered your prayer!

Marissa said...

The service there in Port Burwell was such a blessing! And it was so nice to meet some of you girls! After hearing your latest CD a lot in the past week or two, my 4 year old sister Elise is practicing to sing "Fret Not" with my other siblings and I at our service at a nursing home this Sunday. Hopefully she doesn't get nervous and not sing it. ; )

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with the B. family - they're a great family! David posted some pictures of your time together. : )

BrittLeigh said...

Wow, what an amazing experience that must've been. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I've missed your updates :). Can't wait for what's next...... :) How long will you be holding us in suspense?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've all had a good and blessed trip to Canada.
May the Lord Bless you!

Julie said...

We had the pleasure of seeing (and hearing) your family in Flint, MI at Carriage Town (where you seemed VERY good humored about the hairnets you had to wear while serving dinner), and also last night in Midland, MI. Both evenings were a blessing to our family!! I'm sure my grandma (who I believe is now your BIGGEST fan!) would want me to ask if your family had a chance to eat dinner in Frankenmuth. If not, hopefully next time you're in the area you can do that. My husband Ande was so pleased to get a chance to talk "shop" with the boys, and hopes on your next visit to the Flint area we will have a chance to fellowship together!

You are in our prayers for safe travels!!

Anonymous said...

I was extremely blessed by your family coming to Lighthouse Gospel Church. I can't wait to see you again. Singing by the piano was such a blessing. I can't wait to see you again.