Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It has certainly moved from the 'cool-lemonade' sort of days here in Michigan to the 'hot-apple-cider' kind. Br-r-r-r! But the fellowship has been warm and we've captured a few moments to share with you; highlights of the week....

As Bethany recently posted, our weekend together in Omaha went incredibly well. It was a full schedule, considering all the wedding preparations and ceremonies that surround such an event. We were so grateful to know that you were holding us in prayer through each step of the photography challenges! To check out some of the results, visit here.

As her assistant, I was able to capture a few shots
of Bethany 'in action'! Love ya!

Sharing at a local retirement home.

We've also had the opportunity to meet and fellowship with new friends here in Michigan. These families treated us to a delicious meal -- completed with a powerful rendition of two themes from the 'Messiah'. What a memorable evening!

Some of us were able to help serve supper at an inter-city mission here in Flint after the service of music and preaching.

And -- as always -- school and study projects continue. The Lord brought someone across our path who is working on a few bus repairs for us this week -- and some dear friends here have let us 'move in' to their basement until the work is completed. (Thank you, Jasters!)

And finally, I was encouraged by the lyrics to the following song today -- and reminded that no matter our location, occupation, or situation, when we know Jesus, our calling remains the same:

Praise the Savior, ye who know Him
Who can tell how much we owe Him?

Gladly let us render to Him
All we are and have.

Trust in Him, ye saints,forever,
He is faithful, changing never;
Neither force nor guile can sever
Those He loves from Him.


rehm family said...

Ahhh...looks like you are having a wonderful time! Sure do miss you all though!! What powerful, challenging words that song has--"He is faithful, changing never." What a precious promise! Thank you for taking time to share. Our prayers, love and hugs are being sent your way! :)

rehm family said...

P.S. This is a highlight for us...a post from YOU! (smile)

BrittLeigh said...

The pictures sure were fun to see! I'm so glad you take the time to share them on your blog... makes those of us who are so far away not feel so far away :).

Love and miss you guys!

Goldfish said...

Wish I could have been there with you, I'm jealous of those sweet hairnets!

Rachel Marie said...

Aw, what a FUN post! :)
Loved all the pictures!!!

And the words to that hymn at the end there are so beautifully fitting! :)

Blessings in Christ!

Joanna said...

Just a quick question. we were there at the concert at shepherdsville,MI I think it was last saturday night. I was curios since you are in the flint area this week are you singing again ?? Ruth said you would be in Ontario but reading you blog dosent sound like it. if so, please do let us know so we can listen to you guys more. God bless you and thanks, Joanna

Rachel said...

Hello Joanna! Thanks for asking! Yes, we will be back in the Flint, Michigan area next weekend. Our webmaster has recently updated our schedule page, so you should be able to find any needed details there! Thank you!

The Ulmer Family said...

Oh yay- a post!!! Thanks for the update, Rachel!! It is wonderful to be able to keep up with you all through your blog!!
Love the pictures!!
Love and Prayers,
--The Ulmers

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Haven't been on here in forever but yes I still do get to a computer every once in awhile! My favorite picture was the one of Andrew in the tray line!!!!! Loved the shower cap!!!!!

Love Amanda

Joanna said...

Thanks for the reply Rachel... Also wondering if there is some way to contact your dad to find out if it is possible to arrange for you to sing in our assembly in Michigan. Ours is an Indian Church .. most of us are from India.. we meet in Farmington Hills,MI for Worship Service. Our pastor spoke to your mom brielfy in shepherdsville.. is there an email or a number? thanks and God bless you .. love the song 'Going home' on your CD.. my email is

your groupies said...

The picture of Andrew in the hairnet is just too funny! Got a kick out of that one, and a laugh as well! {grin} Great to hear from you even when your away.

Kori said...

Aww, Fun pictures! :) Makes me miss you guys even more!!! :)

Kimberly Atnip said...

Hello Rachel,
Thanks for your comment and love to see your updates! Hope you have a great trip and safe traveling while you are gone!

Anonymous said... the sweet little caps guys! :) Could you possibly incorporate those with your singing outfits?
Still praying... Nicole

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of some of ya'll with the chef head-thingys!!!!!!

The Bontrager Family Singers said...

What fun photos!
Just got your email Rachel..I'll look forward to talking w/ you on Thursday!
We rejoice with you all in God's faithfulness in answering your prayers!! Can't wait to see someone model that "missing skirt"!!:) Did you get the dresses sewed?? I'll be watching for pics. of your new outfits... (hint, hint. :))
Much love from our home to you all!!
Chelsy for the Bontrager 12 :)

Grace said...

What a blessed time of fellowship we had with you guys! May God richly bless your family for your testimony and love and worship to our Lord!
Praising God!

Hoping to see you again (soon?) =)

Grace (for the Sauve family)

Anonymous said...

Love the wedding pictures girls, and I like the chef's hats to.:)Miss you guys.