Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, if my sister had a 'random blogging' month back in August, then September must be my turn. My apologies to all you dear friends who faithfully check here hoping for an update -- or even a new picture -- but to no avail!

To fill you in on our 'recent happenings' -- Yes, we are home! After our arrival last Tuesday morning, we have been enjoying school routine as well as a few extra projects.....

Due to our little sister on the verge of leaving the baby crib, we have been searching high and low for a double bunk bed for the girls' room. We quickly discovered this was no small task! Thus, the carpenter of the family (Stephen) has gathered his tools to build the needed frame. These days we often head downstairs to check his progress. As it looks now, we might be in our new beds by the end of the week!

Ruth has recently aquired a new kitchen helper. Mm-m-m-m!

Being home allows a little more time to work on larger school projects, such as essays and research projects.

One more photo of ramdom-ness...With the joy of a friend's wedding last weekend, Hannah and Susanna were asked to serve by handing out programs and 'rice' packs. The Lord gave us the perfect fabric at $1/yard to sew them dresses to coordinate. Nothing like finishing the final seam the 'morning of'! (smile)

And enough random postings for one day. Maybe I'll have more for tomorrow...


Kori said...

Oh, Rachel! I love the dresses! (the little bit I can see) Glad you found fabric just in time! They look beautiful! :)

Kris said...

YAY! for random-ness... you all look so busy, are those the dresses you were telling me about... they look really cute... I am really looking forward to the 21st. See you all then!

Goldfish said...

Love the last picture. Well, I always love the pictures, but when the cutest baby in Nebraska is in it, you have no choice but to comment! :D

Looking forward for another random post tomorrow (OR ELSE! ;)

Esther said...

You Wissmanns are the best random-posters ever!
That is amazing that Stephen is making a new bed!
Those dresses are cute! You should post a full-length picture of them.

DUSTYNNE said...

Yes! Yes! More today! (Which is the 'tomorrow' you wrote about yesterday.)
I'll keep checking...
And hoping!

The Bontrager Family Singers said...

Fun "randomness"....I love it! :) Great pictures! Who gets to sleep with Charissa?? I bet there are lots of, ahem, "volenteers"!! :) She's growing up so fast! Lovely dresses Rachel!
See you all next week...can't wait for you to meet our new princess! She's such a darling!
Chelsy for the Bontragers

BrittLeigh said...

Aw! I love randomness :). Those dresses are beautiful!!!! I love that picture of Susanna, Charissa and Hannah! SO SWEET!!! :D Thanks for the update :)

two from the pew said...

Ok, ok, we just need to post here about the picture of the "Big Foot Charater Guy." Is he really woking or is this a photo op or could it be that he nailed his jeans to the board. We would also like to know where is the "Gap Guy?" I mean does he do anything? :)

We mean Rachel and Bethany are working hard to post random thoughts and we are just concerned about the over working of some people.

We think that Kori proves our point when she posted that "you found the fabric just in time." We pray that you will not fall over from exhastion. By the way, Kori we hope your having some fun in college.

Wow, we feel better for saying that, so I guess it's time for us to get back to our lazy boy chairs. :)

ben said...

Thanks for the pleasant distraction today:)
Since I'm commenting late, you must have those bunks built, so good job Stephen!
Ruth sure has a good mess hand-Cook 'em cowboy!
As for school(sigh)- I'm standing in the breakroom at UNO waiting for my Chem. Lab to start.
And lastly about weddings, I'm looking forward to seeing y'all at Caleb and Abby's
Your Friend, Ben

abi said...

Rachel, I just wanted to let you know, to not give up hope quite so fast on your random posting. Sept. isn't even half over! Which means you still have a whole half of month not to be random!! [smile] Can't wait to see what you come up with to post!