Thursday, August 16, 2007


Happy 24th Birthday Ruth!

Ruth, what a joy you are to our home! From first thing in the morning, when you fill the kitchen with the smells of your fantastic cooking -- to the quiet evenings when you read stories to the younger ones or take refreshing walks. Your gentle servant's heart touches ours in so many ways!

How many, many memories I have of us eagerly working together on our various and crazy brainstorms -- from our very own kids club, patriotic parade, and 'secret' choir (with Josiah, Bethany, Andrew and Elizabeth as our 'kids'), to now working together on PBC Camp, children's seminars, and hospitality. You have so faithfully developed the talents and skills the Lord has given you and have been a blessing to so many! May the Lord continue to bless and guide you as you so radiantly serve Him! We love you dearly!!

Little known facts about Ruth --

  • broke her arm at age 8 -- by falling off a horse.
  • is the only one of the Wissmann girls to have a hair permanent.
  • as a little girl, her hero was Nadia, the Romanian gymnist.
  • is the only daughter to sandblast for Dad's company.
  • has never had a cavity
  • used to love jump-roping -- once getting up to 400 times without tripping (or wearing out!)
  • played banjo for a few concerts before Andrew decided to start playing
  • is consistantly the first one up and going every morning
  • she planned and served 230+ meals in our kitchen this July 4th.

"Delight yourself in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Will you join us in wishing Ruth a very wonderful birthday!?!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ruth!

The Ansons said...

Oh, I am not the first, but may I wish you a very blessed birthday!!!! You have been a wonderful friend and I thank God for you! I was curious how many of your "fun facts" I would know- and Rachel did a good job- I learned a lot! :)One comment, unless things have changed since I saw you last, did you mean that you are the only one to ever have a perm sometime in your life- or is that the look you are sporting now?
Much love,
Lydia for all the Ansons

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Ruth happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday!

VandeHeiFamily said...

Happy Birthday!
hope you have a good one!
So sorry that we cant see y'all this year!
Vnadehei Famliy

Goldfish said...

Happy birthday, Ruth! I forgot your birthday was today. I should rmemeber it quite esily though, because you have the same birthday as Kendra! :)

I think I accidently broke Scott's arm when he was 8. We were playing man overboard on mom and dad's bed and I pulled him up. And for some reason he started crying...and he wouldn't stop! That might be scardest I have been in a long time! :D

Coeur d'Court said...

Happy Birthday Ruth! I didn't know we were the same age! How fun. :) I always admire your quiet and sweet serving attitude and am challenged by your gentle spirit. May the Lord bless you in the year ahead and always!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Ruth! God bless you. I think of you often and how you serve your family so quietly and faithfully and am very encouraged. I hope your birthday is blessed!

Love you!

Kimberly Atnip said...

Happy Birthday Ruth!! Hope you have a good day, as I heard you all were doing peaches fun :)
May you have a blessed 24th year as you continue to serve Him.
God Bless,
Kimberly Atnip

Kori said...

Happy Birthday Ruth!!! I wish I was there to celebrate with you! I hope you have a blessed day!
Love ya!

Margaret Neufeld said...

Happy Birthday Ruth and God Bless you as you faithfully serve Him yet another year.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I just found your blog through Dana in FL... an on-line friend of mine. Her kiddos listen to you while falling asleep at night. I said, "What?" ;) Then she directed me to your web-page.

Oh yippee... you are going to be in IOWA soon. I've printed off your schedule to show my dh. I may hear you in person someday.

BUT -- since TODAY is Ruth's birthday -- I'll just have to write it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY... May God bless you with many happy years ahead.

What a beautiful blessing you are to your family.


Andrea said...

Happy birthday, Ruth! May God bless you richly today, and in the years to come!

mindy caron said...

A very HAPPY Birthday to you, Ruth! :)

abi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUTH! I hope, and pray you are having a wonderful day! :) What a blessing it is to watch your gentle, and quiet spirit to those you are with. The Bible tells us--that it is a precious thing in the sight of the Lord!

May He pour out His richest blessings on, YOU, in the year ahead!

I love you!

Ray said...

Happy Birthday Ruth! It's always neat to find others who have the same birthdate as I do. Of course I would love to be a young 24 yet instead of 58 but what can I say? God has been good hasn't He. I hope to see you at VOP Festival in WI tomorrow. I sing with the Sharon Bethel Quartet from Kalona. My name is Ray and I'll tell you the rest later. God bless!

Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to you, Ruth! What a beautiful picture that is. You have such a pretty shirt, and I love the colors! Such a perfect fit it is too! *wink* Enjoy the rest of your special day!

BrittLeigh said...

I'm a little late, but had to chime in my own Happy Birthday to Ruth. I have been so blessed by your sweet, loving and generous spirit. I have admired your grace since the first time we met.

"she planned and served 230+ meals in our kitchen this July 4th."

Indeed, that's something to cheer about :)... (ah, the memories.... :))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ruth!!! I think you already realize that you are special to our family, and VERY MUCH appreciated! May God bless you RICHLY this coming year!
The Jasters
PS Glad we could be included in the 230+ meals this past July 4th!!

Authorized said...

Happy Late Birthday!

BTW, August is the best month to be born in. ;-D


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ruth!:)
~Grace W.

Bryant said...

That is a very nice picture of you, Ruth!
May the Lord bless you richly this year!

two from the pew said...

Hi Ruth, and Happy Birthday. We too are sorry that this is so late but we just arrived home. Had to do the diet camp after some of your meals. :) Just kidding about the camp not the meals, they were great. It has been such a joy to get to know you and look forward to sharing more experiences as friends through the years, Lord willing. We really appreciate your gentle spirit Ruth. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ruth!! We were gone last week and could only check the journal once and that was for only a little more than seconds! We really do appreciate the way Christ shines through you in both spirit and actions. May God continue to lead you and bless you! JConner 2Cor.9:8
BTW The camp meeting is on my prayer list!!

Kris said...

I know this is terribly late, but Happy (really late) Birthday! I hope you had a great day! Sorry for the lateness! ( is that even a word?)

I broke my arm falling off a horse too...only it was on my nineth Birthday. the hospital staff was really nice though! :)

Have a Blessed Year to come!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ruth! Sorry it is sooo late but I don't get a computer to often. Hope you had a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday
Amanda Rothschiller