Friday, July 13, 2007

Winds of Change

The services we'll be sharing this weekend have special significance for our family. Not necessarily because of past memories. But in light of future changes.

Yes, July will be a month of adjustment -- Josiah is planning to 'spread his wings' next week and take off for Cody, Wyoming.

As he has shared, "I really sense the Lord leading me to re-direct my time and focus on what He has called me to [mission aviation]. Up until this point I've been able to work on completing my flight hours through our home time/spare time. But I've been praying about pursuing this on a larger scale."

And though we'll miss him tremendously -- we're excited for him, too. He will be staying with some dear friends, working construction, and flying, flying, flying. [smile]

His eventual goal is to enroll in a mission training school in Ohio after completing the 500 hours of flight time required. Please keep him in prayer as he seeks the Lord's best during this time of transition in his life! Currently, we don't know the length of his commitment in Wyoming as it's work-related (we hope to get him back in Nebraska before too long!), but we're trusting the Lord's guidance each step of the way. We will keep you posted!

Another huge prayer request is for our upcoming ministry opportunities as a family. With Mom starting to learn bass guitar and Stephen deepening his vocal range, we're working to fill in the 'gaps' -- though undeniably this will be a stretching time for all of us! Many opportunities to rely on His strength in our weakness!

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord
and He delighteth in his way."
Psalm 37:23

"We will miss you dearly,
you wonderful big brother of ours!!"


Anonymous said...

Have fun Josiah as you embark on this new adventure and may God richly bless you on your journeys.

Anonymous said...

hey have a good time and may God bless you in your work. im praying for yall

BrittLeigh said...

Aw, I know what such adjustments are like.... *sniff, sniff* Not easy, that's sure. But yet in the long run, the growth and the maturity that follows by the grace of God is well worth the lonely pangs of missing a special sibling.

I'm praying for all of you...

The Ansons said...

How exciting! We can't wait to see how God uses you as you follow your vision from Him. Be safe "Up there" and keep in touch!
The Ansons

Tabby said...

Growing up can be painfully exiting! It's so exiting to figure out what God's will is for your life and very scary at the same time, I just got back from another summer camp and we were trying to figure out what to do next year for all of us that will be 18 and too old to go back to camp!
God Bless you Josiah! I'll keep you in my prayers!
~ Tabby

Bob said...

Best of Luck to you in your new adventures. Will continue to pray that God will bless you and use you in a mighty way. Praying also for the adjustments for your family because you will be missed greatly by them.

Bob Payne

rehm family said...

We rejoice with you, Josiah, in God's direction for you! May He continue to guide you each step of the way. We will be praying for you, and all the family!

With our love,
The Rehm's

David Kent said...

I'm terrible at times trying to figure out what to say... but hey Josiah, take care and may God bless and prosper you in your endeavours; and for all the rest of you, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Melanie said...

We will all miss you very much at the festival Josiah! But we are excited for you too. It is really hard stepping back from a family ministry that is so abundantly rich. Sometimes you have to turn from something really good though in order to experience God's best. We'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

He *sniff,sniff* took my Brother too!!!*sniff,sniff* Waaaaaaaa;-) Oh well! "Sun's gotta Shine, Cement's gotta dry, People grow up, And then parents cry"!!
We will be praying for Josiah, and Michael!

Hillary Hipps