Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our God Hears

Okay, okay -- one last Camp post! There were just so many answered prayers over last week, I thought I'd take time to share a few of them with you. We are so very grateful for each of you who lift our family in prayer!

"O Lord, how manifold are Your works!
In wisdom You have made them all!"


As you may remember, this was a huge request. Not only was rain in the forecast for Monday through Wednesday, but it had been pouring buckets over the past weeks -- turning the open playing fields into swamp-land! But the sky couldn't have been more beautiful. Each day was a precious answer to prayer as the sun shone brightly and the breeze dried out the "Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge" field. Wednesday morning we had a few showers, but that was the perfect opportunity to share some of the many 'indoor' activities we had prepared. Thank you, Lord!


This year we had the joy of working with a group of exceptional youth! Thomas, Abi, and Anna Rehm again traveled with us from Iowa (yeah!!) -- and we were joined by a host of local teens who blessed us with their joyful spirits and servant's hearts. The personal time, love, and care invested by these friends was such an encouragement! Thank you for your labors! We miss you all! [smile]


This year we were overjoyed to have 'dear Farmer and Mrs. Jones' share much of our 'Heart of the Matter' theme. They reminded us how important it is to keep the soil of our hearts soft and weed-free. They also taught us about seed. Although seeds may not look like much, when planted on good soil, it brings LIFE! And the same with God's Word -- it may look like an ordinary book, but when planted in our lives and 'lived' -- it, too, is LIFE!


This was huge! With only a week to learn the lines to our 3-part R.G LeTourneau drama, gather props (many thanks to our local Seward friends!), and practice, practice, practice -- the Lord pulled it all together for a special afternoon 'Prairie Bible Camp Theater' of sorts. And studying through the testimony of R.G.'s life, we all learned alot about life choices, priorities, and investment in others' lives. Truly his heart was 'good soil' that bore much fruit!


And once again this year we were blessed by the opportunity to share the gospel message at a local nursing home. With ten students equiped to tell the 'flipper-flapper' story -- and a few older staff -- we enjoyed an hour of visiting room to room with the elderly people. What a precious time!

May the Lord bless you for your investment in eternity! Your prayers make a difference -- as only heaven will be able to fully tell!

"May the glory of the Lord endure forever;
May the Lord rejoice in His works!" Psalm 104


the rehm siblings said...

Oh, we miss you too! It is so hard to believe that we were together this time last week. So since we aren't anymore we'll just have to reflect back on all those precious memories!

Amen, to God's evident hand at work! We serve such an awesome GOD!!!

And you know what...even if it had rained all week, He'd still be awesome...because He is God!

Missin' y'all!

Goldfish said...

Last camp post?! Noooooooooo!!! One more,... please? ;D With a Twix on top!

And yes, our God definitely hears. Today, when we were at the school cleaning it up, Mom called a person about leftover cirriculum and he was saying that there is a school in South Dakota that is just starting!! So we can probably give them ALLL of our stuff!! OUR GOD HEARS!!!! Nothing is definite, but it is SOOOO exciting! :-D

Kori said...

Thanks for sharing all these camp pictures! I've enjoyed them! It sounds like it was so much fun! I can't wait to see the video of the drama and the rest of Bethany's pictures!!! :) I'll be seeing ya'll soon! I can't wait! :)

Anonymous said...

oh such cute pictures!! i love the one of andrew,bethany,suzanna,and hannah!!!
have a great week!!!
grace c.

Anonymous said...

oh such cute pictures!! i love the one of andrew,bethany,suzanna,and hannah!!!
have a great week!!!
grace c.

Anonymous said...

woops i did it twice!! :)
my bad, sorry

BrittLeigh said...

wow, hearing about how God worked during your time at camp is so amazing. I love how God works in our lives, answering the smallest request and even performing the details we think too miniscule to "bother" Him about. God is so good! What a blessing it is to hear testimonies of His faithfulness!

Bob said...

Sounds like a wonderful time you had at camp and to see God at work is such a neat thing. I know from my own church camp experiences those are wonderful times and good memories.

Bob Payne

Kris said...

It is always fun to look back and reflect on the good times had during camp! Thanks for the lovely reminder!

And it is always GREAT to hear how God works, even in the smallest details, like sunshine! :)

Missin' You...too!

~Dustynne Noelle said...


KarenW said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!