Monday, June 04, 2007

Families are Forever

Okay, I think for the first time in a year-and-a-half of blogging I've been hit with a serious case of writer's block. Not bad for 18 months without the malady, but when I have Bethany's wonderful photography to work with, I don't really have an excuse! So my apologies to those of you who have been checking for new posts without avail. [smile]

We just finished with a very full weekend here in Nebraska. We shared eight services over the course of four days at events ranging from retirement homes to churches -- and a breezy afternoon in the park.

Along with the delight of seeing local friends and extended family, this weekend I was struck with the sheer joy of sharing with my family. How often I take them for granted -- forgetting to treasure those 'little moments': Stepping on stage and catching my brother's eye to get a smile. Watching Nathanael try to figure out Dad's hand cues from the front row. Sharing jitters of nervousness as we start a new song for the first time -- and the grins of relief when we make it through.

But most of all it's always a great moment to plop on the crowded bus-sofa; all together and quiet after saying our goodbyes. We talk about the different people we met. The conversations shared. Whether or not Bethany tried those ultra-fudgy brownies. How 'such and such' song went "way too fast". [smile]

Family. In all of God's creation, I don't think there is anything else quite so beautiful as a family filled with His love.

After all, families are forever.

Have you told yours that you love them today?!

Whew! That was quite a mouthful. Perhaps I'm cured of my writer's block now!? [smile]

"I will praise You, O Lord among the peoples;
I will sing to You among the nations.
For Your mercy reaches unto the heavens,
And Your truth unto the clouds.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
Let Your glory be above all the earth."
Psalms 57:10-11


rehm family said...

What writer's block? That was superb, fabulous, terrific! I don't know what you were talking about!! :)

Thank you SO much for the update. Was wonderful to have pictures, and your thought grabbed my attention too! May God bless you for being a blessing!

With out love,
The Rehm's

Anonymous said...

What a great post Rachel, and so true, I am so thankful God gave us families, life just wouldn't be the same without parents, brothers and sisters.
We will be praying that the Lord provides great weather for your camp ministry,
The Lord Bless,
Esther U.

Andrea said...

Amen!! Family is so precious, and the memories you shared are poignant! Your family love and unity is one of the things about you all that blesses me the most!!

Can't wait to hear those "new songs!"


Jacob said...

A great post, Rachel. I was moved, and I'm very glad for you.

Thanks for sharing the photos also!

Peace! --Jacob

Victoria said...

You must be kidding when you said you had a writer's block! That was a wonderful post...with excellent pictures to go with it (as usual! :))!!!

I agree with you, family is precious and wonderful! :D Thanks for sharing!

rehm family said..., that was supposed to say "With our love". NOT, "With out love! Hopefully you knew that was what we meant?! Thank you again for the encouraging post, and thoughts!

Rachel said...

LOL! I figured that's what you meant, dear Rehms! Although it did take me a moment as I couldn't imagine you saying what I thought I read! Love ya, too!

Kori said...

Writer's block!? That was a great post! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love the them! Missin' ya'll! Can't wait until (insert date when I come to Nebraska here) to see you!!!

BrittLeigh said...

What a precious post, Rachel! I'm so glad you're breaking free from the clutches of writer's block :D And what a great way to snap those chains. This is truly a beautiful piece of writing, dear Rachel. I miss you guys!

By the way, I'm praying the weather cooperates for you. ((((HUGS)))) to you!

Goldfish said...

I loved this post! And I have to agree with everyone else, what writer's block? It's gone (if you ever had any!). I can hardly wait until Saturday!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is a hearty Amen! Isn't it wonderful when God reminds us of all the blessings that families really are?!
Love ya - Nicole