Tuesday, May 22, 2007


...Well, sort of, anyway! The power-steering pump went out of our bus in Branson this weekend, so we're stranded until we get a specialty part mailed in and installed. Please pray with us that this process won't be long or complicated. It's beautiful here, -- but there's no place like home! [smile]


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! It seems as though you can never depend on a bus too much! Just when everything is running great... :) I hope your stay is short and you enjoy your time in MO! Blessings, Kim

The Ulmer Family said...

Oh, we'll be praying for ya'll!!! We are all looking forward to seeing you this coming week-end!!

BrittLeigh said...

What a bummer :'( I'll be praying for you guys. Nebraska misses you sorely.

Goldfish said...

I know what you mean about no place like home, but you have been traveling a <>>little<<> more than I have! Bethany, do you take a lot of pictures through the window of your bus, or do you stop every five minutes? :) I had that dilemma this weekend.

I'm sure Nebraska misses you sorely, but so do I! I was wondering about the training on the Saturday before camp. Is that in the morning afternoon or evening? The sooner the better!!! :D Guess what, you guys will be in town when Alyse has her baby shower at our church!!

Impatiently awaiting for June 9th!!

Chris said...

Stranded. I know the feeling.

We had our PS pump stop when a belt broke, and those things are not very steerable without it.

Hope you're able to get running soon.

I wonder what things the Lord has in mind with this new situation?

Authorized said...

Hey Wissmanns! This is one of the MacDonalds.

I know what it can be like being broke down. I hope you get the part soon!

I just was listening to Going Home. Andrew, you have truly been blessed with banjo playing talent! You've also been practicing - a lot. ;-) Keep it up!

Maybe we'll be able to meet up and do some jamming. :-)

In Him,