Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Happy 10th Birthday, Susanna!

"Oh, Susanna, won't you cry for ME??!..." Do you remember how we older siblings would sing that to you, eagerly wanting to hold you and make you laugh. You were such a sparkle-eyed, curly haired baby!! But now you're quickly becoming a beautiful young lady! We love watching you learn new things -- and all the energy and effort you put forth to conquering everything from climbing a tree to a difficult handwork project. May the coming year be one of continuing in your love for Jesus, and setting your energies to serve Him! We love you lots!!!

"The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him."
Lamentations 3:25

Little known facts about Susanna --
  • She was the largest Wissmann baby at birth -- 8lb, 13oz.
  • She was born 25 days after her due date
  • She loves to crochet and has mastered several stitches
  • Her favorite place to sing is Orlando, Florida
  • As a baby, she was our earliest 'giggler'! [smile]
  • Has cute freckles in the summertime.
  • She's our horse enthusiast -- invite her for a ride anytime!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Suesanna!!! May you have a wonderful time. 10, Wow, your getting to be such a lady.

Kori said...

Happy Birthday Susanna!!!!! Her favorite place to sing is Orlando, FL? That is my favorite place for her to sing! :) We will have to schedule more times for her to sing here! What a special little girl you are Susanna, Enjoy being 10! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Susanna!!!
We're so glad your favorite place to sing is Orlando Fl!! (It's ours too!) I can't believe you are 10! It's been(and will be) so much fun to watch you grow into a Godly young lady!!! We love you!!!
Love your friends,
Kaitlyn and Lindsey

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Susanna! may the Lord pour out a special blessing on you today on your birthday and may He make you a bright light to the nations! Keep smiling for our precious Jesus

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderfully BLESSED day. Keep on smiling. We miss you.

Anonymous said...

We miss you:)

Goldfish said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna!!! 2-digits now! I remember one of my cousins telling me how great it is being a 2-digiter. :) Guess you'll have to find out for yourself! ;D

Bob said...

Happy Birthday Susanna. Hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that the Lord will continue to bless you.

Bob Payne

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Susanna! You were the largest Wissmann at birth?!?!
Have a wonderful day!! :)

The Hipps said...

Happy Birthday Susanna from the Hipps in Nebraska! We hope that you has a wonderful day! We look forward to seeing all of you when you get home!

Anonymous said...

hey popcorn (susanna)! happy birthday! you were the biggest baby?!?!?! wow! don't feel to special... i was over nine pounds and eighteen days over due... but aubrey really wins! she was eleven pounds!
love you girl! piggy(grace)

Esther said...

Happy Birthday! I remember when I was 10- it was very fun! I know you'll have a great time being 10, too. Enjoy every moment of it, and don't forget that without Christ you would never be here!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday,Susanna!!! We really appreciate you and your service! May the Lord bless you and lead you.
Conners Ps 37:3-5

BrittLeigh said...

Awww, I missed it :'(

Happy Birthday, Sweet Susanna! I have such fun memories of being with you last summer. You're such a dear! I hope the big 1-0 will be extra special to you, dear!

Lots of love!!

Kris said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday! I didn't know that you liked horses! I have 4 on our farm. but sadly it has been to cold to ride much this winter. hopefully spring is coming so i can get out more. Anyways hope that you had a good day. Amanda says Happy Birthday too!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna! May God bless you! And You love to ride? Let me take you riding! You're welcome to come over any day! I love horses and animals!!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) 10th Birthday, Susanna!!
Your favorite place to sing isn't in Michigan?! :)
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!!
The Jasters

Anonymous said...

Add to the facts (but definetely not "little known", I'm sure: she's beautiful, simply beaming!
Have a happy and blessed year Susanna!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susanna its me Lindsey I think its awesome that your favorite place to sing is Orlando [here] I miss you. Say hi to nephew for me!

P.S.My favorite place for you to sing is also Florida

bontragerfamilysingers said...

Happy belated birthday, Susanna! I love you! Thanks for your sweet friendship.
P.s. have a blessed 10th year!